Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude: Day 5/30: Red Cups

I feel a little silly for admitting this, because in hindsight it seems like a silly assumption, but before I had A.J., and in those first few weeks, I thought that once babies started sleeping through the night then they would KEEP sleeping through the night. Now, some 17 months later I can say, "What the heck was I thinking??"

You see, A.J. had us fooled. At 6 weeks he slept for a 6-7 hour stretch. And from 6 weeks until about 4.5 months he continued to sleep in those big stretches at night until he was in a routine of going to bed at 9 and waking up at 6. Then the teething started. And it didn't stop. And our nights of good sleep became fewer and farther between. When he wasn't teething there was always something else to blame the crappy sleep on. Why, oh why, did someone not tell me that sleeping through the night was not a permanent thing?

So what does A.J.'s sleep habits have to do with my grateful spirit today? Well, last night was one of those brutal nights. From about 11pm to 3am he woke up crying every hour. From what I can tell there was nothing bothering him to warrant being awake. Finally, after sleeping in stretches of 30 minutes between his crying jags, I got up with him at 3 and settled on the couch for a little mama cuddles as we call those middle of the night feedings. Within minutes I could tell that he had settled into the deep sleep that had been evading him all night. Back to the crib he went and I crawled into my bed, only to stare at the ceiling for an hour and a half. I think, in total I managed 3 hours of sleep last night.

Enter my beloved red cup. I am proud, and somewhat shocked, to say it has been several months since I visited Starbucks. It is much easier for me to resist the call of the bucks when the weather is warmer. I think my absence made our reunion on this cold dark sleepy morning so much sweeter. If I could have fit through the drive thru window, I would have hugged that sweet barista as she placed my warm red cup of goodness in my hand. I drove home with the heat blowing on my feet, the cup warming my hands, and a smile on my face.

Am I still tired? Heck yes. Are there dark circles under my eyes? Oh yeah. But I'm plugging along. And I am reminded that on some days it is the little things that make all the difference.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude 4/30: Modern Medicine

Those who know me well know modern medicine played a large role in making me a mother. And since A.J.'s arrival almost 17 months ago, modern medicine has kept him alive on a few occasions. From seizures to allergies to that crazy brush with dangerously low platelets, we have learned a lot about the human body and about the resources available to help us when we're sick.

Tonight, a friend of mine is in the hospital hoping that modern medicine can keep her from delivering her baby more than three months early. My heart breaks for her and I can only imagine how scary this experience is. My prayer is that her sweet little girl decides to hang out in the womb for several more weeks. But if that is not meant to be, I am thankful that so many advances have been made in caring for micropreemies. The statistics are still scary, and the complications of such an early birth are many, but the fact that her daughter has a 70 percent chance of survival is nothing short of a miracle.

So tonight, I will say a little prayer for KA and her whole family as well as the doctors and nurses who are all working together to do the best they can to care for that precious little baby. God makes miracles happen every day, and some days those miracles happen through the hands of good doctors.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gratitude Day 3/30: There's no place like home

Four years ago today, I signed what felt like a million pieces of paper. I wrote my initials until the S and the H blended into some weird symbol like the artist formerly known as Prince. I think my hand even cramped at one point. But three hours later, I had keys in my hand! For the first time in my adult life, I no longer had to pay rent! Hooray for home ownership.

In the four years we've lived here, I've learned to be thankful for more than these four walls and the roof over our heads. I am also thankful for our quiet neighborhood, and our awesome neighbors. There was no way to know when I got pregnant with AJ in the fall of 2008 that I would be one of seven women on our blog staring at two pink lines within weeks of each other. Over the past 17 months we have often joked that our homes are all full of the same messes, that we all have the same sleep deprived looks. Our babies have turned into toddlers and we can share all of the milestones. It's such a cool bond and it will only get cooler as those toddlers grow into kids who share classes and sports and all sorts of adventures.

So today, I am thankful for my home, and all that comes with it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gratitude: Day 2/30: Election Day

The first election I voted in also happened to be my first election working at a television station. I took a break from work and drove to the campus polling place with one of my coworkers, Dan Smart. I cast my ballot for the guy who didn't win.

Of course, I didn't find out he didn't win for several weeks. And the Supreme Court was involved. Ah, Indecision 2000. Dimpled chads. Recounts. Hanging chads. More recounts! All eyes were on Florida. And I was there!

A lot has changed in my life since November 2000. I am certainly more jaded than I was back then. I have different priorities that determine how I cast my vote these days. Tonight, I am watching the returns come in from my couch, in sweatpants and a Gator teeshirt. That's a first for me. For almost 10 years, I spent every election day/night/early morning after in a newsroom. Tonight, I get to decide when I go to bed. What a concept.

Tonight, I am grateful for the right to vote. I am thankful to live in a country where I am free to voice my opinions and even more importantly, I have the ability to do something! I cast my vote this morning with a big smile on my face. I was smelly from the gym, and in a rush because Karl was home watching AJ for me, but nothing was going to stop me from sliding my ballot into the machine and grabbing my I VOTED! sticker.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in saying I'm grateful for an end to political ads and robo calls! Here's to a few months of peace and quiet before the campaigning starts for 2012! And mark your calendar, The Homburgs are having an Election Night party in 2012! Consider yourself invited!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

11.01.10: Grateful

It's been a while since I've written here. Something about being busy living life. Some days that means soaking it all in and enjoying every moment. Some days, more often than I'd care to admit, it means hanging on for dear life and just trying to survive.

This time of year has the potential to involve a lot of the latter. Hanging on. Trying to stay sane. Drinking more caffeine. Doing more on less sleep. I have that nervous feeling in my tummy just thinking about all that *needs* to be done in the coming weeks. The trips, the shopping, the guests, the cards.

The truth is I want to love this time of year. I want to feel the way I used to feel about the holidays. I want to experience the anticipation, not the dread. I want to reclaim "the most wonderful time of the year."

In the hopes of changing my attitude, I am resurrecting this blog and taking a challenge from my friend Scarlett. 30 days of gratitude. One whole month of documenting the things I am lucky to have, the treasures in my life that might be overlooked or unappreciated. I am thankful for Scarlett's challenge because I really believe this change in thinking can change my holiday season for the better.

So, without further ado, today I am grateful for my laptop that allows me to type this entry while sitting in bed next to my snoring husband. Said laptop may be missing a control key and a space bar (thanks to a certain little dude who is fascinated by technology) but it keeps me connected with a world wide web full of amazing friends.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

03.07.10: Spring or Bust

If there's one thing I've learned about the weather while living in Wisconsin it's that everything is relative.

40 degrees in September? That's COLD! Whip out the sweaters and bake something pumpkinish!
40 degrees in March? It's SPRING! Fire up the grill!

And in the spirit of our first 40 something weekend, we did some very important things.

What's missing from this house? Christmas decorations! That's right! It was finally warm enough to melt the snow in front of the house, allowing Karl to get up on the ladder and remove the wreaths from the front windows.

Also on the agenda this weekend: our first walk of the neighborhood.

This is the face of a little dude who is wondering why he is wearing a hat and coat when we just passed a guy wearing shorts.
Can you see him? They were a couple of blocks ahead, and I didn't have the creepy stalker zoom on my camera, so this is all I've got. Shorts!

Post walk self portrait.
We are both looking forward to many many more of these walks in the coming weeks.
Tomorrow's forecasted high is 48. That's close to 50 people!
Bring it on, Spring. Bring it on!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

03.02.10: Ten on Tuesday: Snapshots from Vacation

Since we returned late last night/early this morning from 10 days in the sunshine state, I thought I'd dedicate this week's ten on Tuesday to some of my favorite vacation snapshots.

1. Team Grandpa: Mark my words, Grandpa Mark will forever be known as "The cool grandpa who lives with Mickey Mouse and drives a motorcyle." A.J. is clearly a big fan of his Grandpa and loved spending time with him.

2. When Peek a Boo goes horribly wrong: Contrary to what you see here, A.J. loved Grandpa Mark's friend Curtis. He was enthralled with his deep voice and was constantly watching him. Then, Curtis whipped out the peek a boo. And A.J. lost his mind. Poor sensitive little dude.

3. Not a creature was stirring: There were very few things I *really* wanted to do on A.J.'s first trip to Disney World. I set my expectations low since we didn't know how he would handle the crowds. The truth is he was amazing and his incredibly happy self, napping whenever he decided it was necessary no matter where we were. And in this case he decided to go to sleep while we were waiting in line to see Mickey. Love him.

4. Snack time at Magic Kingdom: My brother snapped this shot of the little dude and I right after I finished nursing on the porch of The Hall of Presidents. I'm pretty sure the imagineers who designed the front porch, didn't put the rocking chair there for a breastfeeding mom, but it was a nice touch. This picture makes me thankful that almost nine months in breastfeeding is so natural for us and I'm happy to have family who supports it.

5. Celebrate a Dream Come True: This is the picture I wanted. Me and my little dude, wearing his personalized ears. My brother took it while we were watching the parade. True story: I cried. How could I not? Those Disney people pull at my heart strings. The song, "Celebrate the dream inside of you, the dream that just came true." Um, ya think? :)

6. Biker Baby: We are in trouble. A.J. was in "hog heaven" on Grandpa Mark's Harley. We spent some time taking pictures one morning and let A.J. sit on the bike for a minute. He didn't want to get off. And then when it was time to leave and the guys had to fire the bikes up, A.J. giggled at the loud noise. I'm pretty sure he wants to trade in his jumperoo for a motorcyle.

7. Super Baby with Uncle Stevie: I think one of the most surprising things about being a mom is how it changed relationships within my family. I am so much closer to my brother now, and I love watching him with A.J. They have such a great bond and I know it will only get closer over time.

8. Training the Class of 2031: A.J. made his first trip to his future school. We walked across campus with him in the stroller and every. single. person. who saw him smiled. Clearly, his enthusiasm for the Gators is infectious. :)

9. Swing Kid: I think A.J. might be a tad depressed now that we're back in Wisconsin and we can't spend every day outside. He loved the fresh air and long walks. And he REALLY loved the swing set at the park. Now how do I explain that it will be a few weeks before we can swing at home?

10. Four Generations: A.J. has three great grandmas who are still living. This week he met my Grammy, his GiGi. I have so many memories of going on very special dates with my Grammy when I was little and I am so glad that she was able to spend time with A.J.

And a bonus just because I think he's the cutest baby ever:

Vacations are never long enough, are they?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

02.18.10: And Away We Go...

The sand and sun and WARMTH are calling my name.
Later Gators.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Now that's concentration

(I bet if you looked under their helmets you would find those NASCAR guys drive with their tongue sticking out too!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2.09.10: Ten on Tuesday: My Day in Numbers

  1. Two: the number of times A.J. woke up last night. (12:45 and 3:50)
  2. Six: the time A.J. decided to be up for the day
  3. Four: the number of letters in the word that came out of my mouth when I heard him on the monitor.
  4. Three: the number of inches of fresh snow we received today.
  5. Zero: the number of pictures I took today. Looks like I'll need to find something to shoot before bed!
  6. Ten: the number of dollars (in loose change) I put into A.J.'s piggy bank after cleaning out the diaper bag. We've been using cash for everything since new years and the change was really accumulating in that bag!
  7. Five: number of minutes I cried after A.J. bit me (twice) in the place nobody should ever have to worry about being bitten.
  8. Seven: websites I checked this afternoon while searching for a christening gown for A.J. It's also the number of times I grumbled about how sad I am that the family gown has gone MIA.
  9. Twenty Five: number of years it has been since I've seen the person who added me as a facebook friend today (the mom of one of my friends from preschool!)
  10. Nine: number of days until I am soaking up the sun in Florida!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

02.06.10: Pass the Ketchup

Houston, we have a crawler. Right now it's this army crawl/inch worm thing with an occasional up on all fours rocking forward routine.
It seriously cracks me up.
Not cracking me up: his sudden infatuation with the laptop charger and other assorted wires. He makes a beeline for whatever he is *not* supposed to have.
Keeping me on my toes, leaving little time for blogging.

That face? TOTALLY my brother. We are six years apart, so while my memories aren't crystal clear, I remember a lot of things about Stephen growing up. A.J. is definitely taking after his Uncle Stevie in looks and mannerisms, including his ability to sleep with one eye open.
Like those pretty red circles under his eyes? We're thinking that's a reaction to the mango he had on Friday. But at least he didn't swell up and have to go to the emergency room.
Consult with the pediatric allergist a week from tomorrow.

Friday, February 5, 2010

02.05.10: Five on Friday

  1. See that peacefully sleeping baby? He's out cold on the living room floor. This is what happens when the sleep schedule and nap schedule are shot to hell for days at a time. This unexpected nap lasted only 15 minutes. Just enough time to make him even crabbier than before he slept. Awesome.
  2. A combination of lack of sleep, the absence of the sun as is typical in February, and major stress in the dog department has turned me into a bit of an emotional mess. The kind of emotional mess that loads the baby into the car and drives aimlessly until he falls asleep. The kind of emotional mess that has to park in the Kohls parking lot because she is crying so hard she can't see to drive. Not because I am really that sad...I'm just THAT TIRED.
  3. We have had two families express an interest in Walker in the two weeks that he has been listed with the rescue organization. Both families fell through. Both times I got really really hopeful that Walker might have a great home and our life might soon return to some semblance of normal. I am familiar with this round and round of hopeful then disappointed. I was kind of hoping it would be absent from my life for a while.
  4. Less than 2 weeks until Florida. I am about ready to start counting down the hours. Be forewarned, if they get a ridiculous cold snap while we are there I just might throw myself into the shark tank at Seaworld. The sunshine state better deliver on this trip. Mama's sanity is counting on it.
  5. The only good part of this cold weather: I have resumed my love affair with oatmeal. The slow cook stuff mixed with a little peanut butter and a touch of honey. Breakfast perfection.
  6. (A bonus, because the commercial just came on and it reminded me) Am I the only person who is absolutely terrified by the "Life After People" series on the history channel. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't really want to know what will happen to our planet when all the humans die. Mainly because it makes me think of the scenarios in which all of humankind would wind up dead in a short period of time. Not pleasant. Karl loves the show. I leave the room every time he watches. Shudder.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

02.01.10: Me on Monday Week 5, a tad delayed

Not even black and white can save this shot.
Hello hair in need of cut
And color.
(at least in black and white you cannot see the grey)
Dark puffy circles under my eyes reveal a serious lack of sleep.
I hate to wish away the next few months, but I think I will be exponentially happier if we could fast forward to spring!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

01.27.10: Wordless Wednesday: Here We Go Again..

Another trip to the ER for an allergic reaction. Poor little dude.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1.26.10: Ten on Tuesday: Real Quick Like

Not sure I have the energy to come up with 10 things to say, going to give it a go though.

  1. Today was one of those emotionally and physically exhausting days that left me wanting to go to bed at like noon.
  2. Thinking a lot about how much we take for granted in life. Last night, while at work, a paper reporter I knew of from my time in television collapsed in the newsroom from an apparent brain aneurism. He is on life support until his brain shuts down entirely and they can harvest his organs. I didn't really know Andy, but his story is haunting me today. Nobody knew the last time they talked to him it would be goodbye.
  3. A.J. and I did some dancing this morning after I heard about Andy. We swayed around the living room, listening to music on my laptop. I sang to him and imagined for a moment what it will feel like when I can no longer pick him up and spin him around with me. How much I will miss this, what we have right now.
  4. We are on day 8 of the disgusting diapers. I am trying not to be a worry wart, as the doctor said it could stick around for 10 days. But ugh. I've spent like 30 dollars in disposables in the last two weeks because there's no way I could keep on on cloth laundry right now. Poor little dude is going through a dozen or so diapers a day and still getting nasty rash.
  5. I have talked about death and poop. This is clearly a happy ten on tuesday, no?
  6. How about we make this evening more depressing? I have to find a new home for Walker. It's a long story and it involves the dog's anxiety, a bleeding baby, and weeks of nightmares for me since.
  7. I want to adopt a child from Haiti. As in, I can't stop thinking about the kids who are walking around and have no idea if their parents are alive and may never know for sure. I wish there was a way to be like an emergency home or something. Take in a couple of kids for a few months until everything is all worked out. Except I don't think it will be all worked out in a couple of months for the Haitian people. I don't think it will ever be "all worked out."
  8. That picture up there might be the least flattering picture I've ever taken of the little dude but I love it. I caught him mid laugh. He does this thing where he makes noises until you look at him and then he looks away and giggles. It is something I don't want to forget.
  9. You can probably tell in that picture that the steroids are out of his system. For almost 2 weeks post wheat allergy ER trip, I had a baby with nice clear soft baby skin. But I knew it was only a matter of time before the itchy and scratchies came back. Poor little dude.
  10. On the spirit of ending on an up note, Karl and I are going on a double date for fondue on Friday. A.J. has a date with his Auntie Barb. I think we are all looking forward to Friday.

Monday, January 25, 2010

1.25.10: Me on Monday Week #4

Technically speaking, that image blows.
And it's pretty unflattering (hello, chins! How nice to see you!)
And I'm not sure I can call it a self potrait if my face is not the primary focus of the image.
But this is me on this particular Monday.
In desperate need of a haircut.
Trying to keep A.J. from stealing my glasses.
Covered in applesauce and rice cereal from an especially messy dinner for the little dude.
Insanely happy.

Happy Monday friends.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1.24.10: Week(end) in Review

1.22.10: After countless trips to every fabric section in town, including an embarassing and smelly incident with A.J. in Hobby Lobby, I found the fabric for our bridal show display. Please note that anyone who visits my house will probably leave with glitter stuck to them somewhere. I think I currently have some up my nose.
1.23.10: All dolled up and ready for brides to visit. Two unforgettable moments from the show. First, when I saw a guy walk up to the bar at the venue (our booth was across from the bar) and order a beer at 10:30 in the morning. Only in Wisconsin. Second, when a bride was looking through our samples, looked at me and said, "Why do you do all this black and white stuff? Do people actually like that?"
I almost laughed.

1.24.10: He is the cutest alarm clock in the world. Even if he's waking me up at 4am.
He must have known that getting up early on Sunday means going to early church.
And at early church the attendees don't care that he makes noise from the back pew.
Actually, since we are a good 50 years younger than the average 8am attendee, they probably can't even hear the noise he is making. Regardless, hooray for a lack of dirty looks!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1.21.10: Simple Things Make it All Better

Here's to today being less crappy than yesterday
(although there was that unfortunate stinky incident in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby).
It's amazing how a diet cherry limeade can improve my mood.
I even got a coupon for a free route 66 size (that's big people!) next time!
It's a good day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1.20.10: Wordless Wednesday: Crappy Day

Converted to black and white to spare the blog world from seeing mess in all its glory.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1.19.10: Ten on Tuesday (Because I'm a lemming)

Inspired by Laura, who was inspired by Elizabeth, I am jumping on the Ten on Tuesday bandwagon. Heaven knows I need help thinking of things to blog about. And lists are an easy way to brain dump.
1. Hello New Logo! Karl and I are doing a big bridal show this weekend as our way of launching our new name and new branding. The show provides a little black and white banner with the company name on it for signage. I'm sure you would never guess it, but I'm not a black and white banner kind of girl. So I had our logo printed as an 11x14, had it mounted on styrene and then found a cool frame to display it. Now if only those weather dudes would stop forecasting terrible weather for this weekend!

2. Rollin, Rollin, Rollin on the Carpet: It's a good thing we have actively begun the babyproofing process. I left the little dude in the middle of the living room so that I could, um, take care of some business. 2 minutes later I found him hanging out under the end table like it was a perfectly normal thing to do. It is becoming increasingly difficult to contain him. He wants to be *everywhere* except for where I put him.

3. Must See TV: I know Idol is on tonight, but I'm still loyal to Bob and Jillian. P.S. That promotional photo totally looks like an engagement announcement picture, no? Well except for the part where Bob is in a relationship with a man and Jillian is in a relationship with a woman. No matter, I love them both and would have a hard time choosing a trainer if I ever wound up on the BL campus. I think I would *need* Jillian for the butt kicking, but only if I could run to Bob for comfort after Jillian made me puke. Yes, I think about these things. I also eat fat free popcorn while watching so I don't feel guilty when they do the cheesy product placement for sugar free gum.

4. Dear Jake: Speaking of reality t.v., I am very happy that Jake tossed nutcase Michelle. And I'm kind of glad the nanny is gone too. I think I'm pulling for Tenley. Even if I do want to slap her parents for giving her such a bizarre name.

5. My Funny Valentine: I have never wished A.J. was a girl, and I love being a mama to a boy, but I'm pretty sure he would need therapy if I dressed him in bloomers, striped tights and a petticoat. But seriously, I die of cuteness!!

6. A Day to Remember: It's hard to believe that image will be a year old tomorrow. (side note: yes, Barb. There is a picture of President Obama on my blog. Are you still breathing?) But 1.20.09 will always be special to me for an entirely different reason. I watched the inauguration at the hospital while failing my 3 hour gestational diabetes test. And it was during the ceremony that I felt A.J. kick me for the first time. In hindsight, I probably felt him earlier, but that morning was the first time I knew without a doubt that the little monkey growing inside my belly was saying hello.

7. The Countdown: We are less than a month away from our annual Florida vaca. I know A.J. will not remember any of it, but holy cow am I excited to take him to the Magic Kingdom. He won't remember it, but I know he will love it while we're there. Lights, music, and people. All three of those things make my baby really happy. And it is possible that I will be buying him itty bitty mouse ears because I cannot resist the photo op. You're shocked, I'm sure.
8. Paper or Digital: I'm having the great debate in regards to Project Life. I am, as you've probably figured out by now, doing a 365 project, but I'm not sure whether I want to get the paper kit or explore the digital option. Both have their perks. Mainly, I really want to get my hands on those page protectors. At the moment I am considered paper for my 2010 project and the digi template for all of AJs first year. That way I can make multiple copies for gifts if I want to.

9. Bare Walls: I delivered this float wrap to a bride on Saturday and made Karl put it up on the wall so we could take some product shots before it left our possession. And then of course I lamented that we have nothing on our walls. It's totally the cobblers kids have no shoes. We spend all of our time taking pictures of other people, and who wants to put pictures of other people on their walls? But now that we have A.J. the tide is changing a bit. I'm spending a lot of time laying out potential wall gallery arrangements. I will banish the bare walls in 2010!

10. Walker: He's a blog entry all on his own. We are having hard times. It's not something I can talk about yet, but soon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

1.18.10: Me on Monday: Week Three

I am:
  • thinking a lot about the impact of my attitude on other people. Going through the drive thru this afternoon, the cashier made a point to thank me for being "so nice." She said that most of the time people are really rude and cold. It made me sad for her. And it made me want to make a point of being nicer. Because you never really know how much a smile can do for a person.
  • finding A.J.'s growing independence to be a tad messy. We both were in need of a bath by the time breakfast was over this morning. The monkey man is a great eater, but lately he thinks he can feed himself, which seems to involve grabbing at my hand as the spoon comes near his face. This morning I wound up with pureed peaches on my pants and oatmeal on my sweater. Nice.
  • enjoying the fact that I have been in my jammies since 5pm. I made a point of taking a nce long shower when Karl got home from work tonight because I am...
  • flying solo tomorrow night and Wednesday. Karl is making another Minneapolis trip for work and so the little dude and I will be spending the early part of the evening with Auntie Barb and Uncle Brad. We're bringing a WW friendly dessert, Apple Pear Crisp.
  • currently watching The Bachelor while I write this. These girls are, um, funny without trying to be funny. As in, I'm laughing at them.
  • going to be in Florida one month from today. This trip is my key to surviving winters in Wisconsin. Each year we get away for a week to somewhere warm just so I can remind myself winter doesn't last forever.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

1.17.10: Date Night with Barb

You know, I am fairly certain I have had more dates with Barb since A.J. was born than I have had dates with my own husband. At one point, in the weeks leading up to A.J.'s arrival, I thought I would have to forego this season of Sunday night shows at the Performing Arts Center in order to be more fiscally responsible. I am definitely glad we found the funds in our budget to make it happen. Mama needs her girls night out every couple of months and I am sure A.J. enjoys his guys night with Daddy. Rumor has it they enjoyed some "floor time" and I think they dined on sweet potatoes.

I'm pretty sure this evening was perfect. Amazing food, great company, and Mamma Mia minus Pierce Brosnan.

Here's to a great week ahead!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1.16.10: Saturday Still Life: Operation Grown Up Bedroom

As I mentioned yesterday, the search is on for real grown up bedroom furniture. You know, the kind that doesn't come in a flat box with assembly instructions written in Japanese. Now that we are both in our (gasp) 30s, and responsible for raising a small helpless baby, we figured it would be time to graduate from the Target particle board.

Here are my observations about the furniture search:
  • The hunt would be easier if, in addition to having a limitless budget, Karl and I were not actually going to be sharing the bedroom. We have similar styles, but just different enough to make it impossible to find something we both LOVE. And when you're looking at price tags on these pieces, it is imperative that we both LOVE it.
  • I think furniture stores are where washed up car salesmen go when they're tired of walking the lot. I'm sure I just offended someone. But seriously, I kind of wanted to punch a few over eager sales associates. "No, I do not need your help" should be enough to get you out of my face for a few minutes. And when it is clear that we are making a beeline for the exit with a screaming child who no longer wants to be shopping, it is probably NOT a good time to ask if we need any help AGAIN!
  • 549 dollars for a nightstand?? Seriously?
  • I am still thinking moving into the Pottery Barn catalog is a viable option. Or maybe Laura will let me live in her guest room? I'm sure Charlie would love a playmate.
  • Oh and if you are wondering why the photo above is crooked, I have an explanation. I took it at the Amish Home Gallery. And since I know the Amish don't like having their picture taken, I wasn't sure if taking a photo of their craftsmanship was acceptable. So, I shot from the hip. The crooked hip actually.

Friday, January 15, 2010

1.15.10: Five on Friday: Things on My Mind

  1. Teething sucks: It doesn't help that A.J. is apparently a teething overachiever. Why cut one tooth at a time when you can work on FOUR at once? One broke through this morning, but there are three that are just under the surface. All uppers.
  2. Once Bitten, Twice Shy: I now live in constant fear of the biting. He has gnawed on my finger on ocassion, but now that the teeth are coming in full force I am just waiting for *the bite*. It doesn't help that more than a few people my life likes to make comments about "Sure you're still breastfeeding now, just wait until he chomps down on you. You'll wean real fast." Thanks for the support, people.
  3. Pottery Barn for the Poor: Damn you Pottery Barn and your overpriced but absolutely perfect furniture. Actually, you're probably not even overpriced. Just out of our price range. And it makes looking for suitable bedroom furniture that IS in our price range kind of depressing. Wanting what we can't have and all that...
  4. Mamma Mia Minus Pierce: Looking forward to my Sunday date with Barb. Our tickets this weekend are for Mamma Mia. It is possible that more than a year after our ill fated trip to the movies, I am still having Pierce Brosnan singing nightmares. That's the kind of stuff that sticks with you. I can only hope that whoever has been cast for the traveling show is better than Bond.
  5. January Thaw: I have clearly lived "up north" for too long. I almost walked out without a jacket this morning and I'm thrilled about the potential for highs in the *upper* 30s this weekend. Spring is CLEARLY right around the corner. Or not. But you know, I can pretend.