Friday, January 15, 2010

1.15.10: Five on Friday: Things on My Mind

  1. Teething sucks: It doesn't help that A.J. is apparently a teething overachiever. Why cut one tooth at a time when you can work on FOUR at once? One broke through this morning, but there are three that are just under the surface. All uppers.
  2. Once Bitten, Twice Shy: I now live in constant fear of the biting. He has gnawed on my finger on ocassion, but now that the teeth are coming in full force I am just waiting for *the bite*. It doesn't help that more than a few people my life likes to make comments about "Sure you're still breastfeeding now, just wait until he chomps down on you. You'll wean real fast." Thanks for the support, people.
  3. Pottery Barn for the Poor: Damn you Pottery Barn and your overpriced but absolutely perfect furniture. Actually, you're probably not even overpriced. Just out of our price range. And it makes looking for suitable bedroom furniture that IS in our price range kind of depressing. Wanting what we can't have and all that...
  4. Mamma Mia Minus Pierce: Looking forward to my Sunday date with Barb. Our tickets this weekend are for Mamma Mia. It is possible that more than a year after our ill fated trip to the movies, I am still having Pierce Brosnan singing nightmares. That's the kind of stuff that sticks with you. I can only hope that whoever has been cast for the traveling show is better than Bond.
  5. January Thaw: I have clearly lived "up north" for too long. I almost walked out without a jacket this morning and I'm thrilled about the potential for highs in the *upper* 30s this weekend. Spring is CLEARLY right around the corner. Or not. But you know, I can pretend.


em said...

Pottery Barn IS overpriced!
As for the biting...Miri has done it a couple times. Mostly when she has finished and is "playing". If she does it, I just stop nursing and tell her that if she bites we will be done. I think that is the case with most kids...a little "test" bite here or there, not like they gnaw on you the whole time they are nursing!!

Barb said...

1. That pictures is hilarious.

2. I haven't worn a jacket since Wednesday. It is WARM out.

3. I can't wait until Sunday. I'm not sure if it's Mamma Mia w/o Pierce or Carmella's that I'm more excited about.