Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1.19.10: Ten on Tuesday (Because I'm a lemming)

Inspired by Laura, who was inspired by Elizabeth, I am jumping on the Ten on Tuesday bandwagon. Heaven knows I need help thinking of things to blog about. And lists are an easy way to brain dump.
1. Hello New Logo! Karl and I are doing a big bridal show this weekend as our way of launching our new name and new branding. The show provides a little black and white banner with the company name on it for signage. I'm sure you would never guess it, but I'm not a black and white banner kind of girl. So I had our logo printed as an 11x14, had it mounted on styrene and then found a cool frame to display it. Now if only those weather dudes would stop forecasting terrible weather for this weekend!

2. Rollin, Rollin, Rollin on the Carpet: It's a good thing we have actively begun the babyproofing process. I left the little dude in the middle of the living room so that I could, um, take care of some business. 2 minutes later I found him hanging out under the end table like it was a perfectly normal thing to do. It is becoming increasingly difficult to contain him. He wants to be *everywhere* except for where I put him.

3. Must See TV: I know Idol is on tonight, but I'm still loyal to Bob and Jillian. P.S. That promotional photo totally looks like an engagement announcement picture, no? Well except for the part where Bob is in a relationship with a man and Jillian is in a relationship with a woman. No matter, I love them both and would have a hard time choosing a trainer if I ever wound up on the BL campus. I think I would *need* Jillian for the butt kicking, but only if I could run to Bob for comfort after Jillian made me puke. Yes, I think about these things. I also eat fat free popcorn while watching so I don't feel guilty when they do the cheesy product placement for sugar free gum.

4. Dear Jake: Speaking of reality t.v., I am very happy that Jake tossed nutcase Michelle. And I'm kind of glad the nanny is gone too. I think I'm pulling for Tenley. Even if I do want to slap her parents for giving her such a bizarre name.

5. My Funny Valentine: I have never wished A.J. was a girl, and I love being a mama to a boy, but I'm pretty sure he would need therapy if I dressed him in bloomers, striped tights and a petticoat. But seriously, I die of cuteness!!

6. A Day to Remember: It's hard to believe that image will be a year old tomorrow. (side note: yes, Barb. There is a picture of President Obama on my blog. Are you still breathing?) But 1.20.09 will always be special to me for an entirely different reason. I watched the inauguration at the hospital while failing my 3 hour gestational diabetes test. And it was during the ceremony that I felt A.J. kick me for the first time. In hindsight, I probably felt him earlier, but that morning was the first time I knew without a doubt that the little monkey growing inside my belly was saying hello.

7. The Countdown: We are less than a month away from our annual Florida vaca. I know A.J. will not remember any of it, but holy cow am I excited to take him to the Magic Kingdom. He won't remember it, but I know he will love it while we're there. Lights, music, and people. All three of those things make my baby really happy. And it is possible that I will be buying him itty bitty mouse ears because I cannot resist the photo op. You're shocked, I'm sure.
8. Paper or Digital: I'm having the great debate in regards to Project Life. I am, as you've probably figured out by now, doing a 365 project, but I'm not sure whether I want to get the paper kit or explore the digital option. Both have their perks. Mainly, I really want to get my hands on those page protectors. At the moment I am considered paper for my 2010 project and the digi template for all of AJs first year. That way I can make multiple copies for gifts if I want to.

9. Bare Walls: I delivered this float wrap to a bride on Saturday and made Karl put it up on the wall so we could take some product shots before it left our possession. And then of course I lamented that we have nothing on our walls. It's totally the cobblers kids have no shoes. We spend all of our time taking pictures of other people, and who wants to put pictures of other people on their walls? But now that we have A.J. the tide is changing a bit. I'm spending a lot of time laying out potential wall gallery arrangements. I will banish the bare walls in 2010!

10. Walker: He's a blog entry all on his own. We are having hard times. It's not something I can talk about yet, but soon.


Laura said...

:( Walker. Love the new logo. I can't believe you found him under the table. Don't you know better than to go to the bathroom? :P

em said...

I'm with Laura on the :( Walker. Sucks for everyone involved.

Love the AJ photos! He's a rolling champ!