Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confession is good for the soul

It is January 5th.
It is 2 in the afternoon.
A.J. is wearing a Christmas sleeper.
It's the same Christmas sleeper I put him in after bath last night.

Just in case someone was thinking of nominating me for Mother of the Year, I figured it was best to get this skeleton out of my closet straight away. Sometimes, A.J. wears his jammies all day, just like his mama. And I fully intend to let him wear his first Christmas sleepers until they no longer fit. It seems wasteful not to do so. And I'm pretty sure there is no "What Not to Wear: Baby Edition" on the schedule for TLC.

P.S.- It took 15 shots for me to get that picture up there. Do you know how hard it is to capture baby feet when the baby in question is awake and attempting to roll away from you? This was the only shot remotely in focus, and then I had to do some creative cropping so you wouldn't see the dog hair that is magically attracted to fleece sleepers.

P.P.S- The Biggest Loser starts tonight. I predict I will cry at least once. I also predict I will feel guilty about whatever it is I am snacking on while watching.

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