Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Life: Flashback: Week 3 and 4

Guess what? You no longer need to pretend you've seen weeks 3 and 4 of Project Life because...I'm sharing them! Which means they're done! Actually all I still have left to do to be completely caught up on this little project is week 2. Then I'll share my title page, and the first two weeks and we can end the pretend game...

Until the next time I get behind. :)

I've been finding time to sneak away to get this project done, which basically means I haven't been watching tv. My DVR is full of things I would normally watch after AJ is in bed or during that precious window of nap time. Now that I'm almost caught up, I think maybe I can find a balance between my love for shows that aren't on Nick JR, Sprout, or Disney with my love of documenting our little life.

And now, crappy pictures of weeks 3 and 4. Sorry, we'll have to keep pretending the light doesn't suck in my house for at least a couple more months!
Week Three

Week 3 Left Side Highlights: Instead of using the weekly cards this week, I used a piece of a map Karl came home with from his business trip. Ticket stub from my first 3D movie experience (Beauty and the Beast), a self portrait AJ took with my cell phone camera, and a couple of pictures I emailed to Karl while he was out of town.
Week 3 Right Side Highlights: The toddler tornado changed the language on our tv, dinner and picture taking with Auntie Barb, more of that Sioux Falls, SD map and journaling about Karl's trip, and a reminder that the high temperature was 3 degrees two days this week!

Week Four

Week Four left side highlights: 20 week ultrasound, paint chips and sheets for AJ's new room (and an example of title creativity when the thickers are getting scarce), and a little dude who was fascinated with the Kitchen aid Mixer (me too, buddy. me too!)

Week 4 right side highlights: Lots of AJ art projects and a used gift card to Chilis (thanks to my dad's thoughtful Christmas gift, I didn't have to cook on Friday night!)

And there you have it. Still no inserts, though I think that will change as the weather gets nicer and our calendar gets busier. Right now we're all kind of in hibernation mode. Or as much as one can be when there's toddler tornado running around.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Life: Week Five

Let's play a game of pretend, shall we? We will pretend I'm sharing my Project Life posts in order. So in our little game, you've already seen my title page, as well as lovely spreads for weeks one through four. Because, in our little pretend world, those things are all completed.

Also, since we're so good at pretending...we will also pretend that the light doesn't suck in my house during the winter, so the images of these week five layouts aren't crappy and oddly colored.

Ready to pretend?

week five: I decided to start my weeks on Saturdays this year, so technically my album began with NYE. But you knew that, because we are pretending you've seen all of the spreads, remember?
Left side highlights: glowsticks in the bath tub and the cover of the catalog for a chocolate tasting party I went to. Yes, the gestational diabetic went to a chocolate tasting party. Came home with a bottle of "Chocolate Fig Balsamic Vinegarette" Oh, and how can we forget the blurry eyes closed picture of Karl outside the airport at 5am Monday morning? Story of my life.
Right side highlights: pedicure to recover from single parenting, nightvision image from AJ's video monitor, why yes AJ did fall asleep in my lap holding an empty pop can, and a belly picture where the letter stickers are covering the fact that I need to clean my mirror!

No inserts this week, or anything fancy really. I'm trying hard to keep this simple in the hopes of actually making it more than a couple of months before getting so dreadfully behind that I throw in the towel. Enjoying putting my ridiculous stash of thickers and label stickers to use. Needing to get a bit more organized. I don't have a workable scrap space right now, and hauling stuff out is a pain. Also really REALLY wanting the print at home option as organizing, sizing, and uploading pictures seems to zap all the time I have to get this project done.