Saturday, January 16, 2010

1.16.10: Saturday Still Life: Operation Grown Up Bedroom

As I mentioned yesterday, the search is on for real grown up bedroom furniture. You know, the kind that doesn't come in a flat box with assembly instructions written in Japanese. Now that we are both in our (gasp) 30s, and responsible for raising a small helpless baby, we figured it would be time to graduate from the Target particle board.

Here are my observations about the furniture search:
  • The hunt would be easier if, in addition to having a limitless budget, Karl and I were not actually going to be sharing the bedroom. We have similar styles, but just different enough to make it impossible to find something we both LOVE. And when you're looking at price tags on these pieces, it is imperative that we both LOVE it.
  • I think furniture stores are where washed up car salesmen go when they're tired of walking the lot. I'm sure I just offended someone. But seriously, I kind of wanted to punch a few over eager sales associates. "No, I do not need your help" should be enough to get you out of my face for a few minutes. And when it is clear that we are making a beeline for the exit with a screaming child who no longer wants to be shopping, it is probably NOT a good time to ask if we need any help AGAIN!
  • 549 dollars for a nightstand?? Seriously?
  • I am still thinking moving into the Pottery Barn catalog is a viable option. Or maybe Laura will let me live in her guest room? I'm sure Charlie would love a playmate.
  • Oh and if you are wondering why the photo above is crooked, I have an explanation. I took it at the Amish Home Gallery. And since I know the Amish don't like having their picture taken, I wasn't sure if taking a photo of their craftsmanship was acceptable. So, I shot from the hip. The crooked hip actually.

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em said...

I think I have you trumped.
Our bedroom furniture was from my parent's 33 years ago...the parents who have been divorced for like 25 years!

I like some stuff from Thomasville...
I have been wanting new furniture forEVER!