Monday, January 18, 2010

1.18.10: Me on Monday: Week Three

I am:
  • thinking a lot about the impact of my attitude on other people. Going through the drive thru this afternoon, the cashier made a point to thank me for being "so nice." She said that most of the time people are really rude and cold. It made me sad for her. And it made me want to make a point of being nicer. Because you never really know how much a smile can do for a person.
  • finding A.J.'s growing independence to be a tad messy. We both were in need of a bath by the time breakfast was over this morning. The monkey man is a great eater, but lately he thinks he can feed himself, which seems to involve grabbing at my hand as the spoon comes near his face. This morning I wound up with pureed peaches on my pants and oatmeal on my sweater. Nice.
  • enjoying the fact that I have been in my jammies since 5pm. I made a point of taking a nce long shower when Karl got home from work tonight because I am...
  • flying solo tomorrow night and Wednesday. Karl is making another Minneapolis trip for work and so the little dude and I will be spending the early part of the evening with Auntie Barb and Uncle Brad. We're bringing a WW friendly dessert, Apple Pear Crisp.
  • currently watching The Bachelor while I write this. These girls are, um, funny without trying to be funny. As in, I'm laughing at them.
  • going to be in Florida one month from today. This trip is my key to surviving winters in Wisconsin. Each year we get away for a week to somewhere warm just so I can remind myself winter doesn't last forever.

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