Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2010: Focus

I'm sure most of the people who read this (Does anyone still read this? I mean it's not like I've posted anything in...oh 4 months!) know the story of one little word. Inspired by a post on Ali's blog on the eve of 2007, I chose one word to guide me during the upcoming year rather than making a bunch of resolutions.

In 2007, my word was FORWARD. By the end of the year I had given my notice at the television station and committed to working full time in photography. In 2008, I chose the word BLISS, making a promise myself to chase after the things that made me truly happy. That's the year I started this blog. And the year we found another infertility specialist. And the year I got over my fear of needles so that I could inject myself with crazy hormones. But those hormones made me a MAMA! What a blissful year 2008 was! Last year I chose the word BLESSED as a reminder to focus on all of the amazing things happening in my life. Being mama to Anderson James is the most amazing blessing.

Now I'm welcoming 2010 with a new word to guide the first year in a new decade. That word is FOCUS. It seems quite fitting for a photographer to choose the word focus, but my love of photography really didn't play much of a role in my decision. The word "found me" a few weeks ago, while I was having one of many conversations with Barb (this one happened over the most amazing meal I've had in many many months but that's another story). The underlying theme of the conversation was that I was overwhelmed with a feeling that I "sucked at life." That's elloquent, right? What I meant was I had so many balls in the air, and a to do list so long, that just the idea of tackling any one thing was enough to send me over the edge. Barb, being the smart person she is, suggested making a smaller list from my big to do list and trying to tackle 7 things a day. The list is still long, but the portion feels more manageable. That concept helped me make it through my first holiday season as a mama.

So how will FOCUS help me in 2010? Well, I'm hoping that one little word will help me set manageable goals in this new year. To start off with, I plan to:
  • Focus on Family: I am not capable of loving anything more than I love the two guys in my life. I want to make sure they know that in 2010.
  • Focus on Friends and Fun: I am blessed with an amazing network of friends near and far. I want to make more memories with those friends and expand my circle. I would like to manage my time better so I can do creative things without feeling guilty.
  • Focus on Finances: Nothing says being a grown up like making (and sticking to) a budget. Saving money is not as fun as spending money, but I'm hoping to challenge myself to be thrifty with what I have and find creative ways to save money.
  • Focus on Fitness: A.J. deserves a healthy mama. that means eating better and getting reaquainted with the gym.
  • Focus on Photography: so many ideas, so little time to implement them. I need to focus on the baby steps to get things done in our business.
So, bring it on 2010! I am ready for you!

P.S. I am going to try and be here more too!!


em said...

I do I do! :)

Ang said...

I love this and it is like you have read my mind and have all the same resolutions!!!