Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holiday Weekend Lessons

Saturday: The Farmers Market Keeps Getting Better
The crowds were down at the market this weekend (lots of people were out of town for the holiday) but the produce did not disappoint. Everything looked delicious and we came home with an overflowing bag.
Sunday: Auntie Trish Rocks!
A.J. spent the morning cuddling with his Auntie Trish while Karl and I met up with one of our 2010 couples to shoot an engagement session. They must have had lots of fun because A.J. came home hungry and exhausted. After eating, he took a three hour nap.
Sunday: Parks are crowded on Labor Day weekend!
You can't tell from this picture, but the park was crammed with people when we arrived to shoot on Sunday. We made it work, but it would have been a whole lot easier if we weren't dodging campers and their pets!
Monday: 3 day weekends = Extra Daddy Time
Having Karl home all weekend was really nice. A.J. got lots of Daddy time and I got lots of work done without having to worry about catering to the whims of an almost three month old.


em said...

Love the Farmer's Market photos!! I wish ours was better here...

aimee said...

OMGOSH!!! it has been to long!!! i remember when you first told us about beitn preggers...and now look how freakin cute he is! congrats! a lil late...sorry.
btw...you look awesome!!!

aimee said...

that is suppose to say "being" :P