Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3 lesson: Have baby sized bandaids handy

Mark the calendar. September 3rd: I made my baby bleed. The crying and the bleeding wasn't really the bad part. The worst was the look of shock and horror that came across AJ's face in the moment before he started wailing.

I should have known those baby nail clippers were dangerous. I had the best of intentions. Three cuts on his face in two days means it's time to trim those scratchy little nails. So I decided to tackle the problem while getting the monkey man dressed this morning. One ill timed squirm later and I was trimming skin instead of nail and AJ was looking at me with wide eyes and a quivering lip.

I think I cried before he did. I had no baby sized bandaids so there we sat, me holding toilet paper to the wound, begging forgiveness of a 12 week old. The good news is by 10am we were home from Walmart with baby sized bandaids, cuddling on the couch.

All is forgiven for now, but I'm not going near those nail clippers any time soon.

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