Thursday, January 14, 2010

1.14.10: Focus on Health and Fitness

Thursdays are weigh in days for me at good ole Weight Watchers. Some Thursdays are good. Other Thursdays, well, not so much.
This Thursday fell in the latter category.

The thing about Weight Watchers is this: it works, when you work at it. Believe it or not, just showing up to weigh in, and having the money withdrawn from my checking account monthly DOES NOT equal automatic weight loss. Bummer.

If I wanted to, I could easily justify the gain this week. I mean, hello, my baby was in the emergency room. I CLEARLY deserved the midnight truffle blizzard from DQ on our way home. I could also blame breastfeeding, since it is known to make it more difficult to lose weight once you get to a certain point. Or I could...well you get the idea. There are many excuses I could throw out there to make me feel better about the number on the scale this week.

But here's the thing: those excuses won't help me lose weight. The truth is I failed to work at it this week. I allowed myself that blizzard, and I didn't bother to figure out the points in the gas station hot cocoa/coffee thing I drank while grocery shopping on Monday night. I skipped out on a couple nights of Wii because I was tired. All of these little things here and there add up to a bad week when it comes time to weigh in.

The good news is today starts a new week. And seeing a gain on the scale this morning is humbling. Now it's time to make a plan so that I don't gain two weeks in a row. A plan that includes a few extra points set aside for a yummo dinner with Barb on Sunday.

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