Sunday, February 7, 2010

02.06.10: Pass the Ketchup

Houston, we have a crawler. Right now it's this army crawl/inch worm thing with an occasional up on all fours rocking forward routine.
It seriously cracks me up.
Not cracking me up: his sudden infatuation with the laptop charger and other assorted wires. He makes a beeline for whatever he is *not* supposed to have.
Keeping me on my toes, leaving little time for blogging.

That face? TOTALLY my brother. We are six years apart, so while my memories aren't crystal clear, I remember a lot of things about Stephen growing up. A.J. is definitely taking after his Uncle Stevie in looks and mannerisms, including his ability to sleep with one eye open.
Like those pretty red circles under his eyes? We're thinking that's a reaction to the mango he had on Friday. But at least he didn't swell up and have to go to the emergency room.
Consult with the pediatric allergist a week from tomorrow.


Sharyn said...

The Homburgs have a crawler! *hahahhahheheee heeehhahahahahhaah*


awwwww that is so cute i was wondering if u coul leave a comment on my blog on ending breast cancer forever.