Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2.09.10: Ten on Tuesday: My Day in Numbers

  1. Two: the number of times A.J. woke up last night. (12:45 and 3:50)
  2. Six: the time A.J. decided to be up for the day
  3. Four: the number of letters in the word that came out of my mouth when I heard him on the monitor.
  4. Three: the number of inches of fresh snow we received today.
  5. Zero: the number of pictures I took today. Looks like I'll need to find something to shoot before bed!
  6. Ten: the number of dollars (in loose change) I put into A.J.'s piggy bank after cleaning out the diaper bag. We've been using cash for everything since new years and the change was really accumulating in that bag!
  7. Five: number of minutes I cried after A.J. bit me (twice) in the place nobody should ever have to worry about being bitten.
  8. Seven: websites I checked this afternoon while searching for a christening gown for A.J. It's also the number of times I grumbled about how sad I am that the family gown has gone MIA.
  9. Twenty Five: number of years it has been since I've seen the person who added me as a facebook friend today (the mom of one of my friends from preschool!)
  10. Nine: number of days until I am soaking up the sun in Florida!

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The Buddha's daughter said...

As the mom of a nursing 6 month old girl and 2 yr old boy, I loved this post. I know the pain of that bite!