Friday, February 5, 2010

02.05.10: Five on Friday

  1. See that peacefully sleeping baby? He's out cold on the living room floor. This is what happens when the sleep schedule and nap schedule are shot to hell for days at a time. This unexpected nap lasted only 15 minutes. Just enough time to make him even crabbier than before he slept. Awesome.
  2. A combination of lack of sleep, the absence of the sun as is typical in February, and major stress in the dog department has turned me into a bit of an emotional mess. The kind of emotional mess that loads the baby into the car and drives aimlessly until he falls asleep. The kind of emotional mess that has to park in the Kohls parking lot because she is crying so hard she can't see to drive. Not because I am really that sad...I'm just THAT TIRED.
  3. We have had two families express an interest in Walker in the two weeks that he has been listed with the rescue organization. Both families fell through. Both times I got really really hopeful that Walker might have a great home and our life might soon return to some semblance of normal. I am familiar with this round and round of hopeful then disappointed. I was kind of hoping it would be absent from my life for a while.
  4. Less than 2 weeks until Florida. I am about ready to start counting down the hours. Be forewarned, if they get a ridiculous cold snap while we are there I just might throw myself into the shark tank at Seaworld. The sunshine state better deliver on this trip. Mama's sanity is counting on it.
  5. The only good part of this cold weather: I have resumed my love affair with oatmeal. The slow cook stuff mixed with a little peanut butter and a touch of honey. Breakfast perfection.
  6. (A bonus, because the commercial just came on and it reminded me) Am I the only person who is absolutely terrified by the "Life After People" series on the history channel. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't really want to know what will happen to our planet when all the humans die. Mainly because it makes me think of the scenarios in which all of humankind would wind up dead in a short period of time. Not pleasant. Karl loves the show. I leave the room every time he watches. Shudder.

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