Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude 4/30: Modern Medicine

Those who know me well know modern medicine played a large role in making me a mother. And since A.J.'s arrival almost 17 months ago, modern medicine has kept him alive on a few occasions. From seizures to allergies to that crazy brush with dangerously low platelets, we have learned a lot about the human body and about the resources available to help us when we're sick.

Tonight, a friend of mine is in the hospital hoping that modern medicine can keep her from delivering her baby more than three months early. My heart breaks for her and I can only imagine how scary this experience is. My prayer is that her sweet little girl decides to hang out in the womb for several more weeks. But if that is not meant to be, I am thankful that so many advances have been made in caring for micropreemies. The statistics are still scary, and the complications of such an early birth are many, but the fact that her daughter has a 70 percent chance of survival is nothing short of a miracle.

So tonight, I will say a little prayer for KA and her whole family as well as the doctors and nurses who are all working together to do the best they can to care for that precious little baby. God makes miracles happen every day, and some days those miracles happen through the hands of good doctors.


Barb said...

Thinking of Kayla Aimee and family. I was hoping to read better news tonight.

em said...

I'm SO sad for KA and having to go through all this. I know you know her much better than I please just double up your support!! ;)