Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello, Monday

Hello, COLD. The high for the next two days is a single digit and the low is a double digit number with a minus in front of it. And that's before you factor in the wind chill. The southern girl in me is not happy. This is the part of winter I just don't enjoy. Maybe I'd feel differently if I didn't have to go anywhere, but today is a two school day for AJ which means hauling the boys in and out of the car multiple times. Bundle up, we will.

Hello, smoothie love. The addition of a new gadget in my life has revolutionized my breakfast. Last week I picked up the Oster Personal Blender and it is amazing. It's a tiny little thing with plenty of power and it's easy to clean. I've been happily throwing frozen fruits and veggies and greek yogurt into my new little friend daily.

Hello, packing. We're less than a week from our Florida adventure. That means we have entered the time where I just want to get there and I am completely overwhelmed with the idea of packing for our family of four. I'm obsessively watching the 10 day forecast and stressing more than a little about how I'm going to make sure we have clothes for the days where it's going to be 60 as well as the days when it's going to be 80.

Hello, mobile Sam. The small one is army crawling like it's his job, and in the process doing a fantastic job of illustrating the spots the vacuum misses. Why must every.single.thing. go in your mouth young man? I'm getting very good at the hook motion to remove all sorts of unsavory things from his mouth. Good for the immune system, right? Shudder.

Hello, social AJ. For the first time ever this weekend, a despondent little dude walked over to me and said, "Mama, I lonely. I want a friend to come to my house and play with me." And so it begins. "Mama and Daddy days" are no longer good enough. And so, we had our first AJ requested play date on Sunday (as opposed to all of the play dates previously organized by mamas) with our neighbor Jackson. The boys ran around like crazy shrieking and giggling and intentionally smacking their heads. I was mildly terrified and Sam was more than a little thrilled to watch the madness from his post in the jumper.

Hello, Seafoam. My 2013 project life kit is here. And I'm 3 weeks behind. Oh well, I'll get there. And now that I know that I enjoy the monthly format just as much as the weekly, I'm not finding myself quite so overwhelmed about the idea of "catching up." Life will get documented, one way or another.

Hello, Monday is a post inspired by Katrina, who was inspired by Lisa.


gabbyfek said...

stay warm, my friend!
and i cannot wait to live vicariously through your vacation.

Mara said...

i'd like to warm up in florida - sounds perfect.
now i want a smoothie.