Thursday, January 17, 2013

Right Now

  • has discovered the joy of the photo bomb. Doesn't want to pose for real pictures, but will throw himself in front of the camera whenever he wants to be goofy
  • is sleeping most mornings until 6am thanks to his new alarm clock, at which point he bounds into our room with "The boy is awake! The boy is awake! It's time for breakfixt" 
  • makes my morning every day when he walks over to Sammy's crib and says "Good morning Baby Sammy! How's your nap going?" 
  • has made so much speech progress that he's about to get booted from his early childhood program. So proud of him. 
  • is having a tough time missing his mama lately. It's resulted in some pretty heartbreaking goodbyes when Mama has to go to work. 

  • is army crawling like it's his job.
  • is babbling up a storm. Lots of ba ba ba and my personal favorite: a high pitched squeal that sounds just like he's saying "AJ" Appropriate since big brother is pretty much his favorite person in the world
  • is turning into a little foodie. His mama is working on getting out of "allergy mama" mode and allowing him a little freedom to snack on the things we're eating. So far he really enjoys penne, and green beans. 
  • has one tooth that's breaking through the skin, and one more that shouldn't be far behind. 
  • is not the best sleeper in the world. On the good nights he'll give us a 6 hour stretch. On the bad nights, a 6 hour stretch sounds like heaven.

  • is returning to an old hobby. 
  • is working from home 2 days a week again after several months in the office every day.
  • is very excited that the NHL lockout is over.
  • hasn't traveled for work since before Thanksgiving. That's a really long stretch for us!
  • is looking forward to all the food Disney World has to offer.

  • is playing with make up after a few years hiatus with help and advice from a very patient friend.
  • working on being flexible. Both in body (thanks to a physical therapist) and in mind (thanks to a 3.5 year old who challenges my ideas on just about everything)
  • is hungry. Constantly. It's winter. I'm cold and bored and hungry. 
  • dreams of going to bed when tired and waking up rested. Not sure if this will ever happen again, but it's such a pleasant thought. 
  • looking forward to an upcoming vacation. Not so much looking forward to the packing and the travel.


gabbyfek said...

you are beautiful.
i love this post.

angieoh! said...

This is an awesome post. Love all of you.

Loving your makeup looks, don't be so hard on yourself!