Friday, January 4, 2013

Ventage Tuesday: Friday Edition: Ode to Katrina

Oh we Ventage girls. We can be so sneaky. And we're always up for reasons to celebrate. So here we are (well almost all of us) on a Friday to celebrate the birthday of one of our own. In honor of Katrina's special day, I thought I'd share a little bit about what makes her awesome.
True Story: This is the only photo in existence of Katrina and I together. Can you see her? She's hiding behind my enormous baby belly (Anderson James Homburg, making his mother look like a hot mess since late 2008). We gathered together to celebrate Em and baby to be Spud (who arrived a couple of weeks after this picture was taken in the form of one little Mirielle Mabel). The shower was not a surprise, but Katrina's presence there was. She flew all the way from Vermont without the guest of honor knowing. That's one very cool thing about Katrina. She's always up for an adventure.

Other great things about Katrina:
  • she is knowledgeable about lots of things way outside of my comfort zone. Way outside of my comfort zone is my politically correct way of saying hippie stuff. Katrina is my go to girl for the hippie stuff.
  • she has been known on more than one occasion to send happy mail containing more lip gloss than one girl should legally possess at one time.
  • she is proof that one can raise two teenagers without going completely insane. Bonus points for the fact that her two teenagers are well adjusted, smart, polite, and have a great relationship with their mother. 
  • she has two fireplace mantels. I'm actually quite jealous of this because if there is one thing my house is lacking, it's a fireplace. In my mind, one of her mantels belongs to me and she's just keeping it warm/loving it/decorating it on my behalf. 
So my dear Katrina, happy birthday to you! I wish you a day full of Neon Trees, a dinner full of kale, a dessert free of any HFCS, and perhaps an encounter in the produce department of Trader Joes.

Love you!


angieoh! said...


Great list. Love that picture!

Katrina said...

And....cue the first happy tears of the day. thank you so very much for your love & support. i'm taking very good care of your mantel for you!! xoxoxox

gabbyfek said...

love this.