Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ventage Tuesday: LYL

LYL: that's yearbook speak for Love You Lots. Truth: I love yearbook speak. LYL. KIT. Oh, and my personal favorite: Don't ever change. Good grief I'm glad I didn't take that little bit of yearbook wisdom. Can you imagine?

Anyway, this week the Ventage girls are giving some love to the little things in our life. It is, after all, the season of love. Obviously, I love my family and my friends, and especially the friends who have made themselves family. But there are also some people in my life who probably have no idea how much I love them.

So today I'm sharing a little love for...

  1. Janna: Thank you for being my favorite barista at Starbucks. I love your peppy voice. I love the touch of snark. I love the way you swiftly deliver my drink and return my card so I don't have to keep the window open a moment longer than necessary. 
  2. Canadian National Railways: Thank you for routing a train through my neighborhood just about every day during my morning drive. I've decided to no longer see this as a delay and embrace how very very happy it makes the little dude to see your train and speculate where it might be going. 
  3. Ty: Thank you for being in AJ's class this year. I may not be your mama, but I have seen the progress you have made since September and I am so excited for you. Thanks for making eye contact sometimes, buddy. It makes my morning on the days you look at me and wave at Baby Sammy. 
  4. The Honest Toddler: Thank you, HT fo, r making me laugh till I pee about things I probably shouldn't laugh about. You have...a way with words. And if I must walk through this life in a sleep deprived haze and smelling a little like spit up and bananas, I deserve to laugh. And in case anyone hasn't met the honest toddler yet, I suggest you start with the nap window "The Nap Window is made of oppression and forged in the flaming hot tears of toddlers around the globe." Good stuff. Good, good stuff. 
  5. Words with Friends creator: Yes, I know you stole Scrabble and made an app. Your idea was not original. But when the baby is up for the 5th time at 3am and I need something, ANYTHING to focus on so that I don't fall asleep and smother said child, your little app saves the day. Thank you for teaching me that QI is actually a word. Now can you please stop giving me hand after hand of NO VOWELS?!?

Be sure to check in with the other lovely ladies for more unexpected love letters. 

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angieoh! said...

love this! Rock on Ty. Rock on trains. :)

love you.