Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Perfect Storm

This week was not my finest. Traveling husband, teething baby, 3 year old who is being so very VERY 3, sleep deprivation, bad weather causing flight drama. It all came together to create the perfect storm of yuck. I feel like I try to be the person who finds the good stuff amid the crap. I don't like to be a grump. I especially don't like the type of parent I am when I'm a grump. This week I failed on the rising above. I let the cold and the tired and the frustrated take up residence in my house. It was a very long week.

Thankfully, *another* winter storm only slightly delayed the return of our missing husband and daddy. Now we are all back together. It is still cold. The baby is still teething. The three year old is still talking non stop and testing everyone and everything. I'm still dreaming of moving somewhere warmer. But, things feel better. A sweet neighbor cleared the driveway for us last night and sent me a text message to "enjoy relaxing with your family." I almost cried.

So very thankful to have my family back together and for the people who put up with me in the interim.


gabbyfek said...

enjoy your time with your family, sweet girl.
(and you know i so understand this all.)

Mara said...

what an awesome neighbor!
hope this week is happier all around.