Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I hope they remember

I hope, when my boys are grown and have their own families, they remember this. I hope they remember Mama making holidays (even the hallmark ones) special. I hope they remember bananas sliced into hearts, glittery paper plates, and placemats you can color on while you're eating. I hope they remember the surprise of balloons on their chairs and silly decorations that sprung up when they weren't looking. I hope they remember feeling special and loved, and I hope those memories make them want to create new ones with their own kids.

I hope they remember this stuff, and not what a crappy housekeeper I am. I hope the fun memories overshadow the moments when I am overtired and crabby and really just want to drink my coffee before I make waffles. I hope they remember their mama is only human. And that she really really loves them.


gabbyfek said...

they will.
love you.

Mara said...

they definitely will.
love the balloons.
happy weekend!

angieoh! said...

those boys look at you ONLY with love in their hearts/

boys never notice messes anyway! :)

what a sweet tradition

em said...

this is awesome. :)
as are YOU.