Friday, March 8, 2013

It won't be like this for long...

  • wakes up no later than 6:15 every morning, and immediately asks for "breked-fist," which is either waffles or "cee-ruh-ruls" and in his opinion should always include bacon. Because "It's a beautiful day for bacon."
  • call his brother "Baby Sammy" every single time. If you ask him what Sam's name is he will tell you "Baby Sammy Homburg." He greets him every morning with "Good mord-in Baby Sammy, how your nap doin?"
  • starts every day by checking his calendar to let me know if it is: a new school day, an old school day, a Mama day, or a Mama and Dada day. 
  • is so proud to tell me he "stayed on green" all day long at school. He also likes to tell me all the friends that didn't stay on green. Hello, tattle tale! 
  • is testing my patience on the potty front. He's capable, he just has better things to do. 
  • is constantly taking his clothes off. It's 10 degrees outside, everyone else in the family is wearing multiple layers and slippers and he's running around nekkid. 
  • has Disney World on the brain. Overheard while playing with his trains the other day: "Please stand clear of the doors!"
  • has no concept of elapsed time. Everything is "last week" "Last week we went to Charlie's party." "Last week Santa came." "Last week when it was my birthday." 
  • Is the king of the double negative. "But I don't want to not take a nap." "But I don't want you to not leave."
  • drives me crazy on a daily basis, but I could not possibly love him more.


Anonymous said...

stand clear of the doors! ha. love it.
happy weekend!!

gabbyfek said...

love this. oodles.