Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello, Monday

(the new name badge I wore *all weekend long*)

Hello, adjusting and recovering: What I love about my new job: I will always have every other weekend off. What I'm still getting used to: the weekends I work will be 3 solid days of work in a row. This weekend I was reminded wearing the same shoes two days in a row is a bad move. I kicked myself for not remembering cough drops on the day I was teaching a make and take for 6 hours. And when I finally made it home Sunday and crashed on the couch, I concluded I will need to manage my expectations for my capacity to get anything done at home during my weekends I work. Overall, I love my new job. Really, really love it. 

Hello, preparing: This weekend we will take our first real road trip with two kids. Aside from the 4 hours in the car for Stacy's wedding last fall, we haven't done any real distance travel with Sammy. Let's all cross our fingers and say a prayer that he does well during the 9ish hour drive to Detroit. This week will involve lots of list making and some tetris style packing to ensure we have everything we will need for a few days of visiting with the grandparents. Here's hoping I don't forget anything. And that the Easter Bunny can find us. 

Hello, growing: These boys are getting so big despite my best attempts to stop time and keep them little. Sammy has mastered pulling up and you can tell he's thinking about the next step (literally) and getting ready to make his move. If I were a betting girl, I'd say we'll have a furniture cruiser by the end of the month.

Hello, anticipating: Nana is coming for an unplanned visit. Karl is once again being called to Canada, and since his trip will include a weekend (and a weekend I'm scheduled to work nonetheless), we decided to call in backup. Perhaps Nana can bring some Florida warmth with her when she comes. I know one almost 4 year old who is downright giddy about Nana coming to visit. Sammy is quite oblivious, but I'm certain he'll warm up quickly and soak up plenty of extra Nana snuggles.

Hello, craving: I need spring. I need melted snow and bulbs poking through the ground. I need rain boots replacing snow boots. There's not much I can do to force Mother Nature to get with the program, so I guess I'll have to settle for making some Easter basket cookies and doing a fun little rainbow craft with the little dude this week. Oh, and I'll buy some tulips. It may still be winter outside but I can do my best to spring it up in here!

Happy Monday friends! Hard to believe we're almost finished with the first quarter of 2013!


Mara said...

yay for liking the new job! boo for sore feet.
hope this week is great!!

em said...

Glad the job is going so well!! And I hear you on the growing...make it stop! And the spring...bring it on. ;)