Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kicking off the month of AJ

I've been wanting to try some photo projects this summer and I decided my first one would be in honor of the little dude's upcoming 2nd birthday. So, every day in June I'm going to take a photo or two of AJ. I'm shooting for snapshots of our day, nothing posed or edited, but I'm also hoping to move away from the cell phone cam for this project.

So, without further's two shots from our time today, playing outside while Daddy worked on cleaning out the garage for the big upcoming birthday celebration.

I love that he is such a little boy on a mission, even though it breaks my heart to admit he's no longer a baby.


gabbyfek said...

LOVE his determined little face. xoxo.

Barb said...

He looks so little compared to the great big world in that first picture!