Monday, June 20, 2011

AJ Every Day: June 20th

Forget fine dining, when you're two, it's a big deal to eat your snack on the back deck. This weekend I convinced Karl to install an unused baby gate at the top of the deck stairs so I could hang outside with AJ without chasing him around the entire yard. We're still out in the yard quite a bit, but it's nice to have a little bit of time to just hang out without the constant running and chasing since we don't have a fence. The little dude is THRILLED to have this new space and loves to hang out at his picnic table and just randomly walk around. So very cute. Except when it's raining and he doesn't get that we can't just open the slider and chill outside.

P.S.- Tales from the Scale week 13: down .2 for a grand total of 21 pounds even. Not thrilled, but I'll take it. Happy Monday all.

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gabbyfek said...

i love how when he smiles, it is ALL of him that smiles. he's just such a little ray of sunshine.