Friday, June 17, 2011

AJ Every Day: June 17th

Some days it takes me until bed time to take what is deemed to be the "AJ Every Day" photo. Today, I had the shot in the bag before 9am. The little dude has been recently reunited with his Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere chair (the cover was in the wash) and he has parked it in his favorite spot right next to the big windows in the family room. He watches the birds and the squirrels and Mama seizes the good night and snaps away. Perfect photo for our quiet day at home.

But there is an alternate photo for today. One that I am sure will humiliate a certain little dude in 10 or so years...

Why yes, that is a pair of Daddy's (clean) underwear being proudly worn as a sash by a certain little dude. Never has doing laundry been such a comedic event. He was actually wearing said underwear on his head when I ran to get the camera but I wasn't fast enough.

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em said...

Miri has had some underwear on her head. I don't have to say if it was clean or not, do I? ;)