Monday, June 6, 2011

Tales from the Scale: Week 11

UP ONE POUND bringing my total loss back to 18.8lbs.

I'm disappointed, but really have nobody to blame but myself. Yes, I can say that some of it is that lovely monthly water weight fluctuation. But honestly, if I'd made better decisions over the last two weeks (no weigh in last week due to Memorial Day) a little PMS weight gain wouldn't have made an impact on the scale.

I learned this week that I need that weekly weigh in, in front of another person. I need to know all week that my weigh in day is coming. Some people do great using just the online program. For me, I need the meetings and the weigh ins to keep me honest.

So here's to a new week, which will bring more challenges and more chances to make better decisions.

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em said...

I gained two pounds this week! Which really sucks considering I've only lost six...make that four. ;) You are a rock star, don't let this setback hurt you! You can do it!!!