Sunday, June 12, 2011

AJ Every Day: June 9-12

The party is over. The little dude is officially two. His mama is officially exhausted. I have many pictures and stories to share from the festivities in the coming days. For now, here's a quick AJ Every Day catch up:
June 9th: The little dude loved having family in town for his birthday weekend. In fact he loved it so much he thought he could skip out on this thing called bedtime. Wednesday and Thursday nights were so bad that on Friday I told everyone they needed to say goodnight and "leave" 15 minutes before we put AJ to bed so he wouldn't feel like he was missing out. So, the grandparents went and hid in the garage, AJ went down like a champ, and then we all resumed party preps while he slept!

June 10th: Wouldn't you know it, on the day we were scheduled to have the carpets cleaned and I needed to keep the little dude out of the house all morning, it rained?!?! We pondered a bit and decided to try out Monkey Joes to kill some time and burn off some toddler energy. I think the big people were more exhausted than the little dude by the time we left, but he certainly had a great time.
June 11th: He is TWO! And boy did we celebrate! An awesome cake (and AJ friendly cupcakes), a ginormous bounce house, and the best friends and family a little dude could ask for. The days leading up to the party were nutty, and that morning I may or may not have sworn off every throwing another party. But that crazy boy? Well he smiled and that makes everything worth it.

June 12th: The bummer about family visits is the sad saying goodbye part at the end. Grandpa Richie left us bright and early this morning to begin the 2 day drive back to Colorado. We try to take this three generation picture every time we're together and I love watching the little dude grow. I also love the way he likes to put his hand on my cheek to pull me in close. He may or may not have his mama wrapped around his little finger.

And now...BED! And 363 more days to plan the big third birthday shindig!


em said...

Project 365 began yesterday, correct?? ;) We had a great time!! Thanks for inviting us! Your gift will be in the mail later this week!

gabbyfek said...

so hate the goodbye part. :( xoxo.