Thursday, June 23, 2011

AJ Every Day: June 21st and 22nd

June 21st: The summer of male bonding continues with week 2 of swimming lessons. Mama didn't attend due to a scheduling conflict but apparently the little dude was a super star. He blew bubbles AND floated on his back. My favorite story from the evening though is that AJ decided to take off in the locker room while his daddy was in the middle of changing, leaving Karl to attempt to dress himself while running after the wayward 2 year old.
June 22nd: I love that the little dude is always so happy to see his daddy after work. Here's what I'm wondering though. How come Karl can leave for work every day without any tears from the peanut gallery but when Mama so much as walks downstairs to show a visitor out it triggers an all out meltdown?? In case you can't tell we've had a major resurgence of the separation anxiety as of late. Part of me is flattered, but the bigger part just hates to see him so upset and in some cases inconsolable. Poor little dude!

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