Friday, June 24, 2011

AJ Every Day: June 23rd

Ah, started off as an ordinary day. Up at the crack of dawn. Spreading non dairy buttery spread on a waffle with my eyes closed wishing I were still sleeping and not making the little dude his breakfast. Attempting to make the house look somewhat presentable before our "speech coach" Miss Kelly arrived.

AJ's sessions was much like all of his previous sessions in that he decided not to talk, ran around like a crazy kid, and took snuggle breaks in Miss Kelly's lap. We scheduled a session for two weeks from now because of the holiday and said our goodbyes.

Then...the little dude got hungry. He brought me his snack bowl, as is his standard, "feed me woman" routine, and I said, "AJ, would you like some more pretzels?" and he nodded his head which is a fairly recent communication development, so I was stoked about that. And then....THEN he put his little fingers together and SIGNED MORE!!!! If Nana Joan hadn't been there to witness it I would have thought my mind was playing tricks on me. After all, I've been doing a handful of basic signs since he was just a few months old and never has he ever even pretended to care or imitate. So there was great celebrating in the Homburg household. Dancing and clapping even.

Of course, we've tried to get him to do it a million times since, and he refuses. My kid...he has a hard head.

Speaking of hard heads, and that picture up there...we have a goose egg. Post nap yesterday the little dude decided to take off running with the remote control. And because Nana Joan has not yet learned that chasing the speed demon is futile, she took off after him. And because AJ has not really mastered STOPPING once he takes off at warp speed, he had an unfortunate run in with his bedroom door. It really is hard to believe, but this is his first honest to goodness knot on the head. He's had a few bruises and a scratch, but he's never fallen with such force as to wind up with a big old ugly bump on the noggin. It was swollen almost right away and it bled a little and I may or may not have had a moment of, "Great now he has a head injury and we don't know what his platelets are!" but the tears were over in a few minutes and now I almost think he feels like the goose egg is a badge of honor. As soon as Karl came home, the little dude ran to the gate and swept away his hair so Daddy could get a good look at his battle scar.

Show off! :)

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em said...

Okay, so first...I laughed out loud about you making the house "acceptable" for the speech person. That was so me the other day rushing around picking up everything off the floor!

And YAY for More! That is fantastic! Go AJ!!