Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ventage Tuesday (on Wednesday): playing dress up

 In honor of back to school, the Ventage girls are doing a little window shopping this week. But not for ourselves! We're surfing the web for fresh looks for our best friends. I had the honor of picking something I think is totally Barb

Here's what I came up with:

This dress from Garnet Hill is a great color and is accessorized with two Barb staples: a scarf and a skinny belt.
I could see Barb rocking these beautiful boots as well.

And just for fun, I picked out a couple of Stephanie staples that I think would also look awesome with this dress to offer a different look:


This was fun! Hope you like it, Barb!


angieoh! said...

I love the navy with the hot pink. a fave color combo. Cute dress!!!

Barb said...

Love it!! (And, I wore almost those exact leopard print flats today with a black dress - no skinny belt or scarf.)