Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ventage Tuesday: Birthday Wishes

Hey look, it's a Ventage Tuesday post...on a Tuesday! Wonders never cease!

Today I wanted to celebrate the one who, in my opinion, is the most fashionable, the most knowledgeable about make up application, the most gin-tastic of all us Ventage Girls: Angie! In honor of her birthday, I thought I would share a few reasons I am so thankful Angie is in my life (and the life of my littles!)

1. She's fierce about family: Angie and I have shared some similar challenges in our roles as mamas. Challenges that I wouldn't wish on anyone, but to have someone who has walked the same road is such a blessing to me. From the "here's what you need to know about this process" message as I was experiencing my first miscarriage to sitting on her couch freaking out about bedrest and high blood pressure and potential NICU time for Sammy, Angie is amazing at balancing advice with empathy and it all comes from a place of love. She would and has done anything for her brood of kiddos and watching her inspires me to plow through exhaustion and find a way to laugh in the most ridiculous of times. I am a better advocate for my boys because of our friendship.

2. She's fierce about fun: Angie is one of favorite go to girls for bouncing off party ideas, because she's always game. Even when I was talking about a Bloody Mary Birthday brunch in 2013 when I was still pregnant in 2012. She rocks details like cheese plates and helping turn a bunch of cheap grocery store flowers into beautiful centerpieces. She makes light sabers out of pool noodles, invites Santa to her daughter's birthday party, and never makes me feel silly about my over the top embracing of a theme (like showing up to Dottie's princess party in a borrowed evening gown!)

3. She's fierce about fashion (and her not always fashionable friends): One of my favorite Angie adventures involved a trip to Ulta and Sephora and her throwing things into my basket and me just smiling and nodding. She's the make up guru who helped me embrace eyeliner after years of a lip gloss only beauty routine. She's given feedback on outfits, suggested purchases, and doesn't mince words. She shares my love of statement necklaces and my belief that polka dot pants are questionable on anyone over the age of 6. Living in a house of boys, I love having someone to talk girly stuff with.

Angie, I'm so very thankful that you're in my life. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday!