Thursday, September 5, 2013


 artwork from French Press Mornings

This morning as I watched your brothers climbing all over your daddy in bed, I thought of you. How different our life would be if you had joined our family two years ago today. There would be no Sammy. AJ would not have a brother. I wonder how his relationship with you would have been different. A year closer together. A sister. Would I still have painted your shared room a dark dark blue? Would you be the girl who likes pink and dresses? Or the rough and tumble sort of girl running to keep up with her big brother?

I feel so lucky to have what we have today: two healthy little boys who love each other so much. But man do I wish you were with us. I carry you in my heart, baby girl. Always.



angieoh! said...

I fiercely love your heart. Please know I am praying for you and Miss Amelia today.

hugs friend.

gabbyfek said...

oh such huge hugs, friend.