Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Five: 09.06.13

(while the littler dude naps and his big brother watches an episode of Busytown Mysteries on his tablet)

  1. I'm seriously thinking about taking on WITL this year. Even if I do nothing more than blog the pictures, I don't think I'll regret taking the time to take them. The last time I did a week in the life project, our house was on the market, AJ was 2 years old and nonverbal, and I wasn't yet pregnant with Sammy. I'd say our lives have changed a little bit since then.
  2. Nana Joan arrives tomorrow! And the boys have no clue. I'm so excited to pick her up from the airport tomorrow night (after the boys are in bed) and have them wake up to her Sunday morning. So thankful that she is able to be here to help us through the next couple of weeks when Karl will be gone on back to back week long business trips. These boys miss their daddy when he's gone, but I am thankful for the distraction of having a Nana to love on them, and skype dates. 
  3. I'm in a trying new pinterest recipes sort of mood. I'm actually utilizing a secret board on pinterest to do meal plans for while Nana Joan is here. (I like to try new recipes while she's here because then I'm guaranteed to have some help managing the boys while I'm trying to cook. She's also a rockstar chopper, so that always makes things easier). Hoping to find some new gems to put in the regular rotation. 
  4. Another bonus to having Nana Joan around?DATE NIGHT! Karl and I have a real honest to goodness date planned with other grown ups at a restaurant that I've really been wanting to try. So thankful that Mom is happy to give us some alone time.
  5. Monday starts the new session at the Y. I'm starting to get that twitch. You know the one that says "Maybe I overscheduled us again?" But the classes look so fun. Is it my fault I want to DO ALL THE THINGS? 
Happy Friday, friends. Make it a great weekend! 

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gabbyfek said...

i love you and your secret meal plans and wanting to do ALL THE THINGS.
i do.
have the best weekend.