Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Report Card Time...

Now that it's September I thought I would go back and evaluate my progress on my August Goals...

Oh, and I decided giving myself an F on anything would be too harsh...hence the incompletes. :)

Food:I want to track my points every day this month.

Grade: B+

I've been really good about tracking. The only exception was Angie's little get together this weekend. It's hard to track those snacking type evenings.

I want to get all of my water in daily, at least 6 glasses

Grade: A

I am a water drinking queen. I am also almost entirely pop free!

5 fruits or veggies every day.

Grade: A

I think summer really helps me get the fruits and veggies in. I can't resist fresh produce!

Try one new recipe a week.

Grade: B

I think I tried 3 new recipes...pretty close to one a week.

I'd like to lose 2 pounds a week for a total of 8 pounds over four weigh ins.

Grade: A

Made it, with a little extra.

Exercise:Four trips to the gym every week.

Grade: Incomplete

This goal is being carried over to September. I didn't make it to the gym last month, at all.

Walks after dinner with the dog 5 nights a week.

Grade: Incomplete

Poor Walker. I had good intentions.

Edit 200 photos a day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to keep up on weddings.

Grade: B

I was doing really well until we got towards the month. I'm hoping to keep this up through September.

Blog at least 20 times in August.

Grade: D-

6 blog entries. Not quite 20.

Plan a fun date night for Karl and I.

Grade: Incomplete

Planning a date night would involve my husband actually being in town. September is looking better though. So we'll carry that one over too.

September goals to come this week...

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