Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Reasons Business Trips aren't all bad....

5. My music, my tv, my schedule: Without Karl here I can listen or watch whatever I want without considering his tastes. No sharing the remote. And I tend to stay up later when he's not here too. Sometimes that means increased productivity. This week...not so much.

4. Shrimp: Karl hates shrimp. I love shrimp. So you can pretty much count on some shrimp dish being on the menu when Karl is on the road.

3. Sleeping on the correct side of the bed: When Karl and I got married, we were both used to sleeping on the same side of the bed. I, being the amazing wife I am, gave up my side so he could sleep there. But when he's gone...I totally sneak back to my preferred side of the bed.

2. Walker the hot water bottle: When Karl is home, Walker sleeps at the foot of the bed with his head resting on my legs. When Karl travels, Walker assumes the water bottle position. He sleeps just like a person would, with his back against my back and keeps me warm all night.

1. They don't last forever: Karl is home tonight and it looks like it could be a month before he has to hit the road again. I'll gladly trade shrimp, late nights, and even my favorite side of the bed to have my husband home again!

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