Monday, August 25, 2008

You know you've got a good friend...

When she'll get up at 6am on a Sunday and spend all day standing around talking about weddings for you :) Barb rocks...and looks very good in In This Moment Photography Blue :)

Karl whipped out the self portrait to capture the three of us ready for yesterday's bridal show. You can see our booth in the background. A couple of minutes after he snapped the picture, Karl left to go home and pack for yet another Minneapolis trip, leaving Barb and I to manage the brides of 2009.

The show went great, due in large part to having Barb around to help keep me sane. We're off to celebrate with pedicures this morning. My poor worn out feet will definitely appreciate it!


em said...

I almost didn't recognize Barb in the photo with you...I'm like "who is that random person who budged into Steph and Karl's shot??"! Hope you enjoyed your pedicure!!

aimee said...

good friends are hard to find! glad you found you one