Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remember when I said I was going to post here more?

Yeah, I remember too. Apparently I set my August goals not taking into consideration exactly what this month entailed. Weddings, engagement sessions and bridal shows OH MY!

So now, while I have a few minutes, a few random observations and recaps from the past few weeks.

  • Recap: We bought a new tv. Or shall I say, Karl bought a new tv and I stood around stressing about the bill for said new tv. While I know we can swing it, apparently my subconscious didn't feel the same and I went on to have anxiety dreams about the tv for the next several days.
  • Observation: Why exactly did we buy new tv when we don't have a free weekend between now and Halloween to actually enjoy new tv?
  • Recap: Karl is wrapping up week one of three weeks of business trips. I'm lucky to have him home for the weekend, but come Sunday afternoon he'll hit the road again.
  • Observation: Signing up for Netflix just before said business trip was the best idea ever. Also, watching a tv series on dvd goes very quickly without commercials! I am now hooked on Weeds. Ha! That sounds funny.
  • Recap: This past weekend's wedding was amazing. The couple did a sports themed reception complete with foam fingers, thunder sticks and noise makers. I had a blast and shot way more than we normally do.
  • Observation: A day of lugging camera gear followed by three days parked in front of the computer in a less than comfortable chair is bad news for the back.
  • Recap: By yesterday morning my back was in one heck of a spasm.
  • Observation: Muscle relaxers make for really weird dreams.
  • Recap: Walker is doing his best to keep me company in Karl's absence.
  • Observation: He's not going to be happy when he has to give up his spot on the bed when Karl returns.
And that's that. I am giving up my plans to hang out with Angie and Luke in favor of another day of editing to make up for yesterdays drug induced slacking. Hopefully I'll blog again sometime before the month is over.


Josie said...

I got addicted to weeds last year, when I watched it on DVD. TV on DVD is the best thing ever!!
Hope your back feels better soon!

angieoh! said...

Don't worry - Luke and I will be here when you are feeling better! :) have a great weekend.

aimee said...

you are such a hoot! love your blog. you must post more!

em said...

We missed you this week!!! I think I might need to come watch the big tv since you won't be around... ;)