Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Mania

Ah....Monday. When did I become the person excited about Mondays? Oh, right...when my "weekends" turned into two 14 hour plus days of work with six hours of fitful sleep in between. Mondays involve lots of work too, but I can do that work barefoot and I can delay taking a shower and I don't have to be *nice* to anyone. Score one for the hermit.

So in honor of the fact that it is Monday. I'm going to bullet through a list of things making me happy today.

  • Fresh Basin: This is the color I picked for the new office walls. For my scrapping friends, it's almost identical to the blue green Hambly uses on their dots overlay. For my non scrapping friends, think aqua with a little more blue. It is VIBRANT. I was SCARED TO DEATH. But it looks AMAZING!! I'm going to be making (gasp...MAKING) some corally red pillows to go on the cream colored sofa that will be making its home in the new office. I am so pumped about this color combination. I may just take up residence in the new office and never leave! Pics coming soon!
  • Three Weeks: Three weeks today I will begin the proofing process on our final wedding of a 13 week stretch. We have one more wedding, but that's not until New Year's Eve. For the record, agreeing to a 13 week stretch was a very bad idea. Next year I've set our schedule to include at least one weekend off every month. I believe this will make me a much happier person. Love.
  • Mama Claus is coming to town: My mother, Florida resident for the past 16 years, will see SNOW on Christmas. She's coming HERE!!!!! Of course this means she's going to whine whine whine about how COOOOOOOOLD it is, but that's okay. I haven't spent a Christmas with my mother since 2003, and before that I hadn't spent a Christmas with her since 1999. That's what happens when you work in television. No holidays off. No travel. So yeah, excited!
  • Quilts!: I have a new love. I've been a comforter girl for a long time. I always thought quilts were too "country" for my taste. And then I began looking for something for my new guest room. And I became obsessed. So thanks to my good friends at, two beautiful quilts will be arriving at my door in 5 to 10 business days. One will adorn my guest bed. The other will go on the master bed. Along with new sheets and pillows. Yes, I spent too much money this weekend.
  • Fall: It's here. The leaves are amazing and make me happy to be alive. It's chilly in the morning but warms up during the day. The air smells different. Now, I know there are some fall haters out there (cough...Sara Smith...cough) because it means an end to flip flops and the fast approach of winter but to them I say....just embrace it. Seize the day...and the pumpkin spice latte....and the hot apple cider. We'll tackle winter when we have to, right?

Now I'm going to go make the to do list for today. And since it's Monday, I get to look forward to yoga. And when I say look forward to yoga, I really mean look forward to the last five minutes of yoga that involve laying on a mat in the dark.

Happy Monday!


angieoh! said...

So excited to see your office, it sounds fabulous. That is awesome that your mom is coming... we will have to find her a stocking cap and some mittens!

Josie said...

Fun post! Can't wait to see your home office (post pics soon)
and yay for your momma coming. Isn't Christmas the best!

em said...

I love quilts, too! Very fall-y ;)