Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Postcards from the Edge: Midweek Edition

To whom it may concern:

There are several issues of late that require prompt attention in order to prevent the total and complete loss of my sanity. For the sake of time and easy reference, I will list these issues in bullet form.

  • Issue 1: Personal Accountability: When did it become socially acceptable to make your poor decisions someone else's responsibility? What purpose does this serve? Nobody is made happy when this happens. Nothing is corrected. So let's all put our big kid underwear on and act like grownups.
  • Issue 2: Weather: Why must it be so lovely outside when I have 500 images to edit? Likewise, why must the forecast call for rain ALL WEEKEND when I am scheduled to drive 4 hours to shoot an engagement session.
  • Issue 3: Packers Coverage: They won on Monday. Number 12 didn't suck. It's now Wednesday. I have heard about how he doesn't suck now for 3 days. Tomorrow we will begin the coverage about whether or not number 12 will suck against the Lions on Sunday. Is it possible to have one day a week where we're not talking about Aaron Rodgers? And while we're at it, I don't think he's cute. Please don't perceive this as anti-Packers. It's more that I am tired of the SAME STORY every. single. day.
  • Issue 4: Window Screens: Can we make them stronger? Because I'm on the verge of putting bars on my windows to prevent the dog from jumping to his death. If stronger screens are not feasible, I'll take stronger drugs for both myself *and* the dog.
  • Issue 5: Using Your Words: A personal note to the yahoo currently on Hannity and Colmes: you sound stupid when you call the show host an idiot and a fool and spout phrases that involve the words "g-- d----" I may never agree with your point of view, but I will respect you more if you can express your views using an educated vocabulary.
Thank you for your time and attention.
A girl on the edge, who is still sore from Monday night's yoga torture, but looking forward to next week for the relaxation benefits alone.


angieoh! said...

Amen Sister. Have fun in Chicago!!! Happy early birthday Karl!

em said...

I can't belive you will be here and I will be in Wisconsin. It's just so sad.