Thursday, September 18, 2008

Um, yeah...

So it's been a while. Life is busy. And it's going to get busier. Lots of good stuff going on, but still. I kind of want to say, "Can you just wake me up in November?" but the truth is I know November will be busy too. And December. And January. In February it will be too cold and snowy to do anything.

So yeah, busy.

But I have been taking pictures. Lots and Lots of pictures. Many of which you can see on the photography blog. You know about that, right? I don't feel like linking here. But if you don't know where it is...let me know :)

I should share some pics here, no?

Here's a few images soon to fill the pages of my september 2008 album:

9/6/08: Yes it is possible to spend 7 dollars on tomatoes. But they're worth every penny when they come from the tomato people at the farmers market.

9/10/08: I should have taken a picture of the look the postal employee gave me when I walked in the door with this stack of boxes. Luckily, they were all prepaid and good to go. I don't think she planned to be very nice to me.

9/15/08: Yoga. Week 2. I'm still not bendy, but I'm working on it. And I didn't laugh this time, even when one of the guys in our class was breathing like Darth Vader.

9/16/08: Lunch date with Luke and Ang. Near death experience involving acorns. While I was happy to see Luke and I were color coordinated...I must now buy him some orange and blue attire to make up for the clear presence of garnet and gold here.

9/17/08: I have a thing for the moon. I mean not in an, "I want to be an astronaut" sort of way. Too much science involved in that. More like, "Isn't it cool that everyone sees the same moon?" kind of thing. So I was super pumped to see the moon hanging out over my backyard when I let Walker out to pee yesterday morning.

So that's that. Today's picture is likely to be my new hair cut. Provided it isn't awful. But I love my hair guy, so I have high hopes.

Happy Thursday all!


em said...

Love the photos! I can't believe how big Luke is getting! And let's see that new hair! :)

aimee said...

great pics!

Emily Pitts said...

love those pictures. i will be you someday :) is it photoshop, a lens, or just your extraordinary ablities that make them so crisp and clear?