Monday, October 6, 2008

Happiness is...

  • Waking up wrapped in new sheets and a new quilt, resting my head on new pillows.
  • Seeing a smaller number on the scale this morning. Yay progress.
  • Spending the better part of my Monday hanging out with NE Wisconsin's cutest 3 month old and his fab mom, also known as Luke and Angie.
  • Walking through the botanical gardens and enjoying the amazing colors that are sure to be gone in just a few weeks.
  • Pretty orange toes thanks to pedicure time with Barb.
  • Another week of yoga and just a little bit more bendy.
  • News that my guest room will be full for Thanksgiving. That means we'll have company for both Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Knowing that even though Karl isn't home tonight I will stay warm because the dog is a good cuddler.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!


em said...

Isn't dog cuddling the best! :) Almost as good as a husband... ;)

angieoh! said...

We had so much fun yesterday Steph... thanks for a fun morning!