Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fun Summer Wednesday: ANTBM Edition

ANTBM= America's Next Top Baby Model...and my new friend Luke is ready to take the title! Barb and I spent this Fun Summer Wednesday in Green Bay for a new baby photo shoot and a fun visit with the new parents Mike and Angie.

I have a *ton* of editing to do before I should even look at the photos I took today, but I can't help it. I had to pick just a handful to play with and share.

So I present Baby Luke's modeling debut:

Sharing a quiet moment with his dad. They're conspiring to take over the world I think.

Good thing he's got a great mom to keep him in line!

Look how comfy he is in Mom's arms!

It's clear Luke has a growing fan club, with his parents as charter members.

And just to prove I do have some cool color images...

Luke shows off his *fierce* face. He totally listened to Tyra in utero.

While Barb and I have some great adventures planned for the summer, I'm not sure any of them will quite live up to our day playing paparazzi with Luke!


Barb said...

The screaming picture on the blue pillow takes the cake.


em said...

He's a natural!! Good thing he's got talent like you around to capture it all! ;)

Barb said...

Sigh. I looked once and now I'm back to look again.

He's so darn cute.

And you're so darn talented!

angieoh! said...

Wow. I think they are gorgeous Steph! We had so much fun yesterday - Luke really liked hanging out with you!

Josie said...

absolutely stunning!
I know what a fab photographer you are be I'm sure it doesn't hurt that is a naturally beautiful subject