Friday, July 4, 2008

Five on Friday: Ingredients for a great 3 day weekend

First, Happy Independence Day!!! And a special thank you to all the special people and their families who have made sacrifices in the name of our freedom. We have so many things for which to be thankful!

I am SO happy to have a three day weekend with limited plans. I think it's exactly what my body, mind, and spirit needs. So without further ado, the five ingredients making up my great three day weekend:

  • Drugs. Poor Walker has a horrible fear of those loud booms that come from the sky. Thunderstorms equal bad times in the Homburg Household. Fireworks are even worse. Last night we didn't drug him in time and we spent most of the evening trying reassure the panicked pup that his world would not end. Hopefully tonight will go better.
  • Grilling. My husband rocks the charcoal. I love everything about grilling out. The smell, the taste, the side dishes. Oh, and bonus points for not heating up the stove to cook dinner!
  • Babs, Brad, Baseball, and Booms. How's that for illiteration? Our only real *plans* of the weekend involve a Timberattlers game tomorrow night with Barb and Brad. The game will be followed by a fireworks display, which will satisfy my need to see fireworks without crowds of people or a crying dog.
  • Home Improvement. Karl and I will be taking a trip to Home Depot at some point this weekend to take advantage of 12 months no interest/no payment. We're in the market for flooring! Which I am happy to report means we are closer to having the downstairs look more like living space and less like construction disaster!
  • Creative Time. With Karl heading to MSP Sunday afternoon, I'm planning some quality time with my scrap goodies. And maybe some girl time with Barb if she's up for it. I'm going to miss that husband of mine, but I am looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing.

I love that three day weekends allow for so much fun, while still having time to get the "need to do" things done. After all, it's not even noon yet and I've finished proofing a wedding, downloaded some new slideshow music, started laundry, and began the great bedroom cleanup of 08.

Here's to a happy and safe weekend for all!


em said...

Have fun! Happy Fourth!

Josie said...

Sounds like a great 3 day weekend!
Good luck with your home improvements and have with Barb and Brad!