Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello, Monday

the best shot from our annual Father's Day photo shoot.

Hello, birthday week: Cue the madness! The joint birthday party for the boys is Saturday, which means my to do lists have their own to do lists, and I'm looking at the pinboard I started months ago with a general feeling of "Seriously?!?! You really thought you could do ALL of this?" Will the weather hold out? Will the long list of AJ's classmates who have not RSVPed show? Who knows! What I do know is by this time next week, the party will be over. I will be Seussed out. And I'll probably be thinking about a theme for next year. Because I'm nuts like that.

Hello, family: Nana Joan arrives Thursday. Uncle Steve arrives Friday morning, bringing with him (soon to be Aunt) Amanda. The Homburg Grandparents roll into town Friday evening. My boys will be wrapped up in lots and lots of love this weekend. Not having local family is pretty much the only thing I don't like about where we live. (Well, except maybe for snow in April and May, because that's just wrong!) I'm so very much looking forward to having everyone here this weekend. It will certainly add to the crazy, but that's when the best memories are made.

Hello, hoarders: I feel like I need Neecy Nash. How the heck is it possible that in the two months since my mama's last visit we've managed to fill the guest room with crap again? I swear every time she comes I vow that I will not let the guest room get cluttered again, but it quickly becomes the home for all things that don't otherwise have a home. That's what happens when you have a room you don't use every day and said room has a door you can close. If you need me during naps this week, I'll be downstairs clearing a path to the guest bed.


gabbyfek said...

i love you and so wish i could celebrate with you guys!

Misty Hoskins said...

How close are your boys bds? We do a joint one for our 2 each summer - they were born 6 days apart - almost 3yrs btw the 2