Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ventage Tuesday: Ask Google Anything

This post was my idea. Actually, I think it was Angie's idea initially, but when I took a look at my own personal search history I KNEW it would be something fun for each of us to share. I turn to Google for *everything*. It's almost embarrassing. But Google never calls me stupid. Google is always patient, and mostly right. Except if you Google anything medical. DO NOT TRUST DR GOOGLE. He will tell you you have Cancer. Or worse, that your KID has Cancer. Even if you have a hang nail. Just don't do it.

Here's a little Who/What/When/Where/Why look at my recent Googling.

1. WHO: Who is Billy Chambers? (Scandal, anyone?) Who rents bounce houses? (my old bounce house source is out of business!) Who sells sunscreen for sensitive skin? Who teaches gymnastics in Appleton?
2. WHAT: What is whatever craft weekend? (answer: something I want to go to!) What is Whole 30? What time is it in Scotland? (having international friends is hard on my brain)What keeps wasps away? What is the Powerball Jackpot? ( a girl can dream!)
3. WHEN: When is teacher appreciation week? (Snuck up on me this year) When is Epcot Food and Wine Festival? (Anniversary trip for Karl and I, mayhaps?) When does Despicable Me 2 come out? (AJ's first non dollar theatre movie trip this summer?)
4. WHERE: Where did John King start in TV? Where to have brunch in Appleton (when I started panicking about my birthday plans) Where to buy modest swimsuits
5. WHY: Why is coconut oil good for you? Why won't 11 month old sleep? (Yes, I really went there!) Why is soy in everything? (A little frustration after Sam's Soy protein intolerance diagnosis) Why is my Keurig so slow? (also: how to clean Keurig)

Be sure to check in with the other girls (links to the right). Who knows, maybe you'll find we're all bugging Google with the same questions!


gabbyfek said...

i love it.
i love YOU.
did you check lime ricki for tankinis? they have some with high halter necks that i'm a big fan of as i also need to contain the girls..... ;)))

angieoh! said...

Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who googled why doesn't my baby sleep!

Barb said...

There is nothing embarrassing on your list!!