Sunday, May 26, 2013

And Then I Turned 34

I'm not sure I can even explain HOW amazing my birthday weekend has been. I feel like this has been one of those weekends I will look back on during the days when running away to join the circus with Angie sounds like my only viable option. I will think about this weekend when I've seen 3am on the clock for the millionth straight day and I'm fairly certain I can and will die of sleep deprivation. I will think about this weekend when I'm wondering if there is anyone in this world listens to me because my kids sure as heck don't. I will think of this weekend and fill myself up with the memories of "getting glamorous" at Angies, or discovering Gin and Ginger ale and fried brussel sprouts. I will remember instagramming an obscene amount of pictures, showing off my ability to rap with the Fresh Prince of Belair, and almost losing my eyebrows in an unexpected bar fireplace lighting incident. I'll get through the not so fun days by remembering how awesome it was to hang out with friends old and new and laugh...a lot.

The past few weeks I've been compiling a list of things I'd like to do in this 34th year of mine. There's something big to me about turning 35 next year. Mid 30s. I don't feel old. I don't think a number can define you. But I do remember not too long ago feeling like 35 sounded like an age where one has their crap together. 35 is grown up. I still feel so very far from grown up. Maybe that's why getting into the habit of making my bed is on this list. 35 year olds make their bed, don't they? I'll need a year to practice that.

So here's my list, in no particular order. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to document at least a few of these things as I cross them off the list. And I hope when I'm looking back on my 35th birthday this time next year I'll feel like I really enjoyed this crazy ride.

  1. Drink Bloody Marys with my ventage girls for my birthday
  2. completely potty train AJ 
  3. complete a 1/2 marathon
  4. Go to the Neenah Pool
  5. have a fun kiddo day with my two, Emily's 2.5, and Angie's 3.
  6. Go on a Trader Joes/PF Changs/Make up shopping adventure with Angie
  7. Visit Barb in Madison
  8. Visit Emily in Chicago
  9. Epcot Food and Wine Festival with Karl
  10. Go to the farmer's market
  11. get a pedicure (or 10!)
  12. go to the drive in 
  13. get in the habit of making the bed
  14. 20 dates with Karl
  15. See Wicked! again 
  16. Send 12 cards to friends and family "just because"
  17. Try 34 new recipes
  18. Play mini golf
  19. See a football game at Lambeau Field
  20. Spend a night in a hotel by myself and SLEEP
  21. try a new class at the Y
  22. have a weight that starts with a 1
  23. find a new cocktail 
  24. bake bread from scratch
  25. Plan a girls weekend
  26. find a way to volunteer for Honor Flight
  27. take a brothers photo every month
  28. frame and hang the art for AJ and Sam's room
  29. start converting family slides to digital media
  30. introduce my boys to their Great Grandma Ellie
  31. blog more frequently
  32. take pictures of some of my favorite people
  33. go to a concert in the park
  34. Have fun on Project Life (even if I'm a year behind by this time next year)
  35. Master eye liner! 
Stand by for many many more pictures from this weekend. It was epic. 

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angieoh! said...

aaaah. These sound glorious. I hope to be a part of many of them. Your birthday was a hoot - it couldn't have been better.

love you always.