Friday, May 24, 2013

And then you were one

Dear Sammy,

I knew who you were long before May 23, 2012. I knew from the moment I saw that first positive pregnancy test that you were a little baby boy growing inside me, and I even knew your name would be Samuel Frederick (though it took me a good 9 months to convince your daddy that I was right.)

Being pregnant with you wasn't the easiest thing. You made me sick a lot, and because of the hard times we had before you came to us, I worried a lot. A LOT. There was diabetes and blood pressure and bed rest. And worrying. Lots and lots of worrying.

But we made it. You grew big and strong and I managed not to lose my mind. Those nine months were good practice for this first year. You growing big and strong and me working daily not to lose my mind. You are such a happy guy, capable of smiles at 4 in the morning on very little sleep. You are teaching me daily just how much I can do on minimal rest.

I love watching you with your brother. You love him so much, and the feeling is mutual. He brought out your first real smile and he makes you giggle like nobody else. I watch you two play together and can imagine what the next 15 years will be like with you two under our roof. We have so many adventures ahead.

I love you littler dude.
Here's to many many more birthdays

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angieoh! said...

Sammy is the happiest little dude - love him. happy birthday Sam!