Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 on Thursday: Random Thoughts Edition

  1. When we first put AJ in daycare two days a week, I thought it would be fun to have control of the television again, to choose something other than Nick Jr, Sprout, or PBS Kids to serve as background noise. You know what? I think I prefer silence. There really isn't anything that great on tv during the day and the political ads do bad things to my blood pressure. So quiet it is. 
  2. I just spent 140 dollars at the grocery this morning on meat. Nothing but meat. One of the stores I don't often shop at was doing a one day only meat sale. So I dropped AJ off at school and headed over in the monsoon to see what I could find. $140 later and our chest freezer is full. I'm hoping that little trip will make meal planning post baby a little easier. Obviously I'll still have to grocery shop, but if I know what I'm working with, it should be easier to plan, no?
  3. My favorite AJ-ism of late? "I okay!" I currently hear it no less than 100 times a day for everything from your typical trip and tumble (someone often runs faster than his feet can carry him) to the catastrophic crash of something falling off the counter (or a tv falling off the dresser, but that's another story). Sometimes it is said for my benefit. "I okay Mama!" as he stands up after eating it on the way to his room. Other times it is clearly an affirmation to himself, "I okay" as he inspects himself for any bumps or bruises that might need a kiss before he carries on. 
  4. I could really use a confetti cake blizzard right about now. Another reason it is better to keep the tv off. Commercials make me hungry. And never for things I should actually be eating. 
  5. Friend visits are good for the soul. Loved spending a few hours with the magnetic Miss Angie and a very sleepy little Charlie. It is somehow less scary to say the things you are worried about outloud than to keep repeating them in your head. 
  6. My house is not clean enough for Week in the Life. I don't think it ever will be, at least not until the kids are old enough to be slave labor. I know Ali would probably say something about embracing imperfection and it being "Okay", but really, when I look at the daily photos she posts I want to know where the clutter is. Because if I set my camera on the kitchen table and did a self timer shot do you know what you would see? A pile of dishes next to the sink (because the sink is full and the dishwasher needs to be unloaded) and a stove that could use a good scrubbing. 
  7. I would like to buy some cute shoes. I can't buy cute clothes right now because of Smokey. But shoes? I would like some. Now if only my feet weren't so swollen. Flip flops are not appropriate for every situation. 
  8. Do I need a double stroller? If I buy one will I want to use it or will it be so overwhelmingly huge and heavy that I'll just want to stay home instead? 
  9. How come 8 hours at home trying to entertain AJ passes so slowly, but 8 hours with him at daycare and me trying to accomplish a few things off the to do list seems like not enough time? 
  10. I'm more scared of labor this time than I was with AJ. Fear of the unknown has nothing on fear of the "holy crap I remember how much that hurt I'm not sure I want to do it again."


gabbyfek said...

i LOVE these.
and i still have no cute shoes.
and lots of dishes.
and have no idea how that time goes so fast-- there are just days like that. craziness.

take good care of yourself, my dear.

Barb said...

About # 4.
I will split a Confetti Cake Blizzard with you. I'm just that kind of friend.

Anonymous said...

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