Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Things Smokey Needs to Know

Dear Smokey,

Ahead of your scheduled arrival tomorrow, I thought it would be only fair to give you a quick rundown of life here on the outside at this moment. The list is by no means exhaustive, but well..you're a newborn and there's no sense in overwhelming you with the crazy that is our life all at once. There's *plenty* of time for that.

So here we go: Life as a Homburg 101

  1. What you need to know about your dad: he's amazing. he's smart and handy and funny and patient with your mama and your big brother. He has an uncanny ability to take Mama's vision (or rather a piece of furniture ripped out of the Pottery Barn catalog) and make it happen. With his own two hands! And for a much smaller price tag! You'll appreciate this skill when you're sleeping in your new crib. Don't blame Daddy for the fact that the crib isn't ready yet. My last minute bedrest sentence kind of messed with the timeline a bit. One other thing to know about Daddy: he's a pretty sound sleeper. So you'll want to cry really loud in his general direction in order to spend some quality time with him in the middle of the night. 
  2. About your big brother: he, like his daddy, is also amazing. He can make anyone laugh. He gives really good hugs. And high fives. He's also going to be pretty darn confused about your arrival. And probably pretty jealous. But don't worry, he loves you. He's just not so sure about this mama sharing thing. 
  3.  About your mama: I cry. A lot. Especially when I'm not getting much sleep. And you probably can't tell the happy cry from the tired cry or the stressed cry, but I promise, I'm really happy. And even if I grumble at you when you wake me up at 3am, I'm still thrilled that you're here. We've waited a long time for you and the road hasn't been easy. I'll tell you the story some day, but there's no rush. We've got plenty of time and many many middle of the night feedings to spend together.
  4. About your aunties: Mama doesn't have any sisters, but don't worry you are *not* missing out in the Auntie department. There is a slew of amazing women just waiting to get their hands on you! Be prepared to be snuggled. Those aunties play a big role in keeping Mama sane on a daily basis. So when you see Mama staring at her phone or a computer screen and giggling like a maniac, it's all good.
  5. About your family: You may not have any really local relatives, but you still won the grandparent lottery. They'll be here to visit plenty and you'll learn quickly to adapt to car trips and plane flights. And not every kid has a Grandpa who lives around the corner from Mickey Mouse. You're a lucky little Smokey!
  6. About our neighborhood: we scored big time on this one too! Your brother has a whole posse of playmates his age and now you're joining a new group of little brothers and sisters. You're not going to be able to get away with anything when you get older. Because all of those kids? Well, Mama knows their parents. And parents know how to tattle. 
  7. About food: your big brother introduced us to the world of food allergies. Please don't feel like you need to follow in his footsteps okay? We have had PLENTY of ER visits. Every family needs a human garbage disposal, so if you want to take on that role? Totally okay with me!
  8. About sleep: now if you are looking for a way to be *just* like big brother? Well sleep is your best bet. AJ was a rockstar sleeper as a newborn. He probably spoiled me a little bit. I'm sure he can give you some pointers. 
  9. About pictures: your parents are photographers. And some of your mama's best friends are crafty creative memory keeping types. In short: you're hosed. You'll be overly documented. Get used to it. You'll also be a fixture on Facebook long before you are old enough to have your own account. I'll try to keep the really humiliating stuff just between us, okay? 
  10. What you need to know above all else: you are loved. By me. By your dad and your brother. By your family. By friends near and far. So many people are so excited to meet you, teach you, and learn from you. It's going to be a wild right, and I for one can't wait!


Katrina said...

Steph, this is awesome!! Keeping you in my thoughts today. Can't wait to hear if we need to bust out the blue eyeshadow!

gabbyfek said...

this is so great.
SO sweet. made me tear up.
except this line-- this just made me laugh: "So you'll want to cry really loud in his general direction in order to spend some quality time with him in the middle of the night."
laugh HARD.
because i SO know that.